Cheap and easy DIY Christmas decorating ideas

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan

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Christmas is but a few weeks away, but it doesn’t have to be the season to go bankrupt! Not with our easy and creative handmade Christmas decorating ideas that include anything from table décor to oversized stars and trees – perfect for your living room, dining room, kitchen, children’s playrooms… just about any space, really! 

And you don’t even require a professional interior designer by your side. All that’s needed is your regular DIY tools (string, glue, scissors, a few household items, spray paint, you get the picture… ), a dose of creativity, and the spirit of the holiday season! 

1. Christmas decorating ideas: Using old glassware

homify의  다이닝 룸

Sophie Allport Starry Night Christmas Tableware


With pretty glassware, glass jars and tins you already have in your house, you can display baubles, fairy lights and candles. Use them to spread an eye-catching design on your table, or style up coffee tables, fireplace mantels, windowsills, etc. 

Consider dipping the tops of the glass jars in metallic paint or spray paint them slightly for a touch of shine. 

2. Christmas decorating ideas: Candleholders

Speaking of using your old glassware, let them double up as candleholders. The appropriate Christmas décor (as seen in our beautiful example below) can add to that festive theme. 

3. Christmas decorating ideas: Old paper décor

diewohnblogger의  거실

White Christmas


Got a load of unwanted paperbacks stocked somewhere? Turn them into beautiful décor to hang on the tree!

Simply fold a page in two and cut out half of the shape you want (i.e. tree, star, snowflake). Cut out more than one copy of the same design, then place them on top of each other, staple down the middle, and open out the sections so they can become standing decorations for tables. 

4. Christmas decorating ideas: Look to your garden

Perfect Home Interiors의  다이닝 룸
Perfect Home Interiors

Pink Christmas Table

Perfect Home Interiors

See which plants and flowers from your garden have the potential to become prime table centrepieces for that Christmas dinner. Pair with a few candles and add your best silverware and glasses to the table. 

5. Christmas decorating ideas: En eco-friendly tree

hejmonti.com의  거실

Josef. The eco friendly Christmas Furniture.


This one might take a bit of time, but is so worth it! And since this tree doesn’t get tossed out and replaced every year, it takes both your wallet and natural resources into consideration. 

Collect plywood rings, knotted ropes and a wooden ring. Screw the hook into the ceiling, attach the mounting cord and let your decorating skills run wild. 

Sublime additions can include tea light candles, seashells, Christmas tree balls, pine cones, nuts, and candy canes. Change the decorations each year! 

6. Christmas decorating ideas: Fabric crackers

Kate Sproston Design의  가정 용품
Kate Sproston Design

Woodland Reusable Christmas Crackers

Kate Sproston Design

These Christmas crackers have been made with leftover linen (onto which a seasonal-themed image has been sewn) and some string – and that's it!

If your DIY skills don't include sewing, simply paste a sticker onto the fabric, or leave it blank for a minimalist look!

7. Christmas decorating ideas: Take to the walls

Vinyl Impression의  벽 & 바닥
Vinyl Impression

Mistletoe Christmas decoration wall sticker

Vinyl Impression

Thanks to wall decals and stickers, sticking and removing wall art is easier than ever before! Go on the hunt for Christmas-themed images to add some festivity to your walls this holiday season.

Alternatively, get some water paint that’s so easy to remove from walls (just a bit of hot water and soap) and let the kids come up with their own artistic creations! 

8. Christmas decorating ideas: Wrapping your presents

Deja Ooh의  아이 방
Deja Ooh

Christmas Stockings

Deja Ooh

Christmas decorations surely extend to the presents, which means there’s no reason why you need to fork out your year-end bonus on wrapping paper. Alternative ways of styling up presents include wrapping them with simple brown mailing paper or old newspaper. Then you get creative by using stickers, colourful ribbon (bonus points if it’s nice and thick with Christmas-inspired patterns), stencils, twine, paint, or glitter to add some holiday flair.

9. Christmas decorating ideas: Tinsel stars

M&S의  거실

Christmas Lifestyle


For this really easy 2D wall design (which saves so much space), all you need is a long piece of tinsel (your choice of colour), some decorations, clear tape, and fairy lights (optional). 

Lay out your star (or tree, or reindeer, or any other shape you desire) against the wall and stick it with simple Prestik. Add your choice of decorations (fairy lights can ensure your design continues to glow well after dark) and enjoy! 

10. Christmas decorating ideas: A rustic tree

Farrow & Ball의  거실
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

Want to design your own Christmas tree but have no pine trees? Opt for a more rustic-inspired design by using simple branches.

Simply collect a few branches, remove all little twigs so they appear as straight and clean as can be, then tie them together like you’re making a little tipi tent. Glowing lights and hanging decorations complete this DIY tree very nicely!

homify hint: Although you can get quite creative with additional branches sticking out as per our example below, we don’t recommend adding those pointed sticks if you have little kids at home (or are planning to imbibe this festive season!). 

‘tis the season to ensure your home is clean and safe! Thus, herewith Your essential checklist before heading home for the holidays

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