Explore the stunning home of Bryan Habana!

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Explore the stunning home of Bryan Habana!

Nancy Amon _ homify Nancy Amon _ homify
AB DESIGN의  복도 & 현관
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Specializing in interior and creative product design, the indurtry leading company AB DESIGN in Cape Town has worked with commercial and residential properties and even sports personalities. In this exciting post, we get to explore the home of South African rugby player Bryan Habana. The designers customized each living space within the home to feature its very own themes and accents. This makes every space of the Habana home unique in its own way.

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Motif wall decor

AB DESIGN의  복도 & 현관



Why have a regular entrance wall when you can custom-make one to feature great elements? This motif wall is spontaneous and a fantastic addition upon entering the sleek residence.

Classic red and black drapery


There’s something glamorous and grand about the use of draping in a home. The interior designers added this effect by creating this energy into the beautiful and very classic intimate living room. The use of red, black and white drapes is not only grand but also works its charm demanding attention from guests.

Blissfully social


This gorgeous space has a lush, romantic feel to it and showcases this intimate seating area that sees guests enter from the lower floor. The beautiful purples blend well with the darker shades in the background and the silver steel staircase frame.

Dinner for 12

AB DESIGN의  다이닝 룸

We cannot argue that being a famous sports personality comes with lots of entertainment and activities. It’s no wonder the interior designers added this spacious 12 seated dining table to accommodate more guests when wining and dining in the Habana home.

Colonial elegance

AB DESIGN의  드레스 룸

This timeless colonial style dressing room is fit for the Mr and Mrs as they prepare for each day. Generous space gives them enough room to try on garments whilst having everything at hand from accessory items to footwear.

Chilling in the blues


When we look at this relaxing living space we think chilled out and social vibrancy. This great looking seating area is an extension of the intimate one further in the back. This one has great scenery and space to entertain many guests visiting Bryan Habana's home.

Light and airy


Who needs TV when you can enjoy the company of friends and family in this beautiful chilled out space overlooking the outdoors? Nonetheless, professional designers added a convenient flat screen so the residents can catch up on the latest rugby game and news as well as their own favourite TV shows and movies.

Neutral and simple


This bedroom is simple and neutral and truly a space to unwind from the day’s activities and high energy.

Deluxe master bedroom


Every home has to showcase the fine characteristics of the grand master bedroom. This is the beautiful master suite featuring an extension to the balcony outside and luxurious décor and textures to complete the look.

Structured office

AB DESIGN의  서재 & 사무실

The Habana home features a lovely office space that is structured and organized.

Bespoke and beautiful

AB DESIGN의  복도 & 현관

This feature here is truly inspirational and shares one of the couple’s happiest days, indeed their beautiful wedding day.

The living room is often one of the main places in the home as this is where the guests gather and the residents will entertain. Making sure it’s perfect is very important. Here are 30 decoration tips for your living room.

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