Tips for designing your house according to Vastu Shastra

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Tips for designing your house according to Vastu Shastra

Premdas Krishna 의  복도 & 현관
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Did you know you can also design and decorate our home according to Vastu like we generally design and decorate it to make it a comfortable and beautiful place to live in? Puzzled? Though the term design and decorate are often used interchangeably, but actually there are difference between them. The design of the house is done by professional designers or architects who know the layout and have knowledge about the materials to be used to make it a home. For decoration we can either hire a interior decorator or we can do it ourselves. The curtains, upholstery, sofas, lights, colours, floral decorations… it can be done depending on our personal taste and preferences. Same is with Vastu. The house needs to be designed and decorated according to Vastu to make life happy and prosperous there.

If you are building your home from scratch or planning to renovate it, then these are a few Vastu suggestions and tips to take care of. Have a look!

1. The importance of Vastu design for a happy and prosperous home

The universal definition of design and decoration is applicable on Vastu for home also. If the house is designed according to the principles of Vastu, it will be filled with positive vibe and the flow of energy will wipe out the negativity from the home. But if it is not Vastu compliant, we will have to make changes in decoration or design to deal with it. A few of Vastu defects can be cured by simple decorations; like bringing in a Vastu plant or hanging some religious symbol. But then there are a few Vastu defects which are best avoided and need to be changed in design right at the time of construction or during renovation to get rid of it.

2. The position of front and back door

Make sure that the main door of the house and the back door is not aligned on the same line. The simple Vastu principle for this is that the positive energy entering your home from the front door will escape from the back door without nourishing and filling your home with positive vibes.

3. The position of bedroom above the garage

Positioning the bedroom above the garage is not a good idea and against the principles of Vastu. Garage of the home either have a moving disturbed energy with movement of vehicles in and out of it or low and stagnant energy with clutters accumulated there. This negative and moving energy affects the place in and around it and we need just opposite of these energies in our bedroom. If bedroom is placed just above the garage, this energy will create disturbance in sleep and in relationship. This is the last thing we want in our home; isn’t it?

4. The position of staircase near the entrance door

Avoid constructing the staircase just opposite the entrance door; if done it will be very difficult to rectify the Vastu design default. Moving the staircase will be messy and will require lots of breaking and moving in order to remove the staircase from there. The problem with staircase near or opposite the main door is that the energy entering will either rush to the upper floor or scatter on the lower floor leaving the main floor unnourished and devoid of energy. Also the energy from all over the place will create a clash right at the entrance of the home pushing the energy entering the home back.

5. The position of bathroom above the main entrance of the home

It is the nature of the bathroom to have stagnant, low and draining energy. The main door of the home is from where positive energy enters our home. If the bathroom is just above the entrance, the clash in energy will flush out the positive energy from our home.

6. How to adjust the design defects in Vastu

With all the above challenges in the Vastu design of our home, we can still minimize the impact of design defects in our home with a few simple ways.

If the house is well-ventilated with sufficient natural light and fresh air washing the home daily, a lot of negative design aspects will get cured.

Keep the home clean and clutter-free. It will allow the free flow of positive energy throughout the home.

Enlighten the dark space and problem area of the home with bright light and feel the positive vibe filling the space.

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