A tour of a beautiful house in Malaysia

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A tour of a beautiful house in Malaysia

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Hatch Interior Studio Sdn Bhd의  주택
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Designing the perfect home is a dream for all of us. For this, we put a lot of effort in searching for the right inspiration. The easiest way to find one is by taking a tour of existing home projects online. That is why in this ideabook, we will take you through a beautiful Malaysian house. This write-up will highlight each of the common areas, so that, you can understand what makes it different from other designs. It can be an ideal reference for those who want to create a modern-looking interior for their home.

1. Living room

To create a warm and cosy ambience the colour combination of the living room has been kept neutral. The leather couches along with the painted walls show an off-white colour scheme. Whereas the curtains are used to incorporate a beautiful contrast. On the other hand, the centre table and the flooring also act as contrasting elements in the entire room.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen of this house is created using modern elements. First of these elements is a modular kitchen setup. Easy to pull out drawers and shelves make using the space very convenient. Besides, the combination of white and black also gives it a contrasting effect. It even has a c-shaped layout, which gives the owners additional space to incorporate a meal counter. Even the appliances used within the kitchen are made of black stainless steel.

3. Staircase

Even though the entire house follows a modern design, the staircase has been kept simple. It has been made using natural polished wood so that it looks chic. In other words, the staircase adds a rustic element to the house. The walls on both sides of the staircase give it a gallery-like effect. This helps keep the first-floor entrance out of sight.

4. Dining room

The dining room in this house is placed right next to the kitchen. To give it a modern twist the owners have opted for customised dining chairs. Besides, the colour scheme used in this part of the home is also kept neutral, which complements the surrounding portions. To make the dining area feel spacious a mirror has been added on the nearby wall. Apart from making the space look large, it also helps reflect light in every corner of the room.

5. Backyard

Last but definitely not the least! The backyard of this home has a magnificent swimming pool. The colour scheme used for this particular area is blue and grey. The tiles of the swimming pool reflect a mosaic pattern, which helps it to stand out from the rest of the area. Furthermore, on two sides of the swimming pool, there is enough space to add outdoor seating. That can be used for hosting an outdoor gathering.

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