Pantone Colours: homify’s favourites for 2019

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan

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In addition to commencing new resolutions at the start of every year, the 1st of January also affords us the opportunity to re-imagine our homes’ styles. But what good is a renovation or style-up project if it is not considered trendy?

That’s why we turned to Pantone, the New Jersey-based international colour forecasting authority known for naming the new tint which they feel will become the top favourite for the next year. And even though they’ve already picked their trendiest one for 2019 (which is obviously included in our list), we couldn’t help but expand on their selection with a few additional colours which, we feel, will also be seen in homes worldwide come next year. 

See which ones we’ve picked, a few examples of top-notch interiors using them most beautifully, and then decide which one(s) you’ll definitely be including in your home in 2019. 

Our 12 favourites

Geonyoung Lee - homify의
Geonyoung Lee – homify

Pantone Colours 2019

Geonyoung Lee - homify

We thought it’d be perfect to pick 12 colours – you know, for the 12 months? 

And as you can see, our selection includes quite the versatile variety, from hot reds to soft neutrals and even a few cooler tints – perfect to lend some new pizzazz to your home in 2019!

1. Aspen Gold

Aorta the heart of art 의  서재 & 사무실
Aorta the heart of art

The Yellow Room

Aorta the heart of art

We start with Aspen Gold, a slightly darker yellow than your ordinary lemon tint. But even though it’s quite a cheery hue, we must advise that you proceed with caution when splashing it onto a wall – when used in overabundance, the effect could be quite garish. However, for a focal wall (as seen in our example), the result is playful, fun, and very tasteful. 

As the name suggests, orange-red Fiesta is ready to inject lots of life into a room that seems a bit boring or underdone. And one look at this regal bedroom flaunting quite a few Fiesta splashes is enough to get us on board with this tint for 2019! 

3. Jester Red


CATHARINA French Red Gold Damask Print Sofa Couch


Jester is an elegant red that looks especially good when used in classic décor, as evidenced by this lavish sofa with gold trimmings and adorned design. 

4. Living Coral

Appeal Home Shading의  욕실
Appeal Home Shading

Palette Coral Roller Blind

Appeal Home Shading

Formally named ‘Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019’, Living Coral is a light and energetic take on a summery coral/salmon tint. You can be sure that it will be popping up next year not only in bathroom blinds, but also bedroom curtains, living room scatter cushions, hallway rugs, dining room chairs…

5. Mango Mojito

Loaf의  벽 & 바닥

Waves rug in Yellow


On with the cheerful yellows, and Mango Mojito (as the name suggest) crosses over more to the warmer orange side. That’s why we suggest to play it light with this one, as too much of it can easily swallow up a room. But carrying a Mango Mojito couch, for instance, into your otherwise neutral-tinted living room is just right!

6. Pepper Stem

Pixers의  침실



Number 6 on our list, Pepper Stem, takes us closer to the cooler realm of colours plus brings us firmly in touch with Mother Nature. Where to use it, you ask? That entirely depends on you! But personally, we love the way in which this bathroom flaunts Pepper Stem plus various other darker/lighter greens for a gradient effect. 

7. Pink Peacock

Gullaksen Architects의  정원
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

Lively and teasing, Pink Peacock really comes to life when used in a space that gets an abundance of natural lighting – like this outdoor patio.  

8. Princess Blue

Tim Wood Limited의  주방
Tim Wood Limited

Kensington Blue Kitchen

Tim Wood Limited

Another colour which brings us closer to nature, Princess Blue can be seen popping up in the sky (depending on the weather, of course), the ocean, various species of flora, plus even a few birds. To make this daring-but-far-from-broody colour work in a smaller space (like a tiny kitchen), be sure to offset it with lots of neutral hues, shiny appliances and lighting. 

9. Sweet Lilac

Pixers의  거실



Similar to Ballet Slipper, Sweet Lilac is a pink that shows off a slightly dusty look, which makes it ideal to use in more grown-up spaces, too. And that’s why we rate this room with its focal wall of Sweet Lilac pink and off-white flamingos a 10/10! 

10. Terrarium Moss

Davonport의  주방

Canterbury | A Vision In Green


Terrarium Moss flaunts a much deeper (one could even say more serious) look than number 6 on our list, Pepper Stem. Reminding us of greens found in deep forests and moss-covered surfaces, this beauty is ideal for styling up working zones requiring lots of concentration, like home offices and kitchens. 

Toffee might remind some people of decadent sweets or desserts, but for us this tone symbolises a slightly lavish lifestyle. And that is why we deem it perfect for spaces dedicated to socialising and even showing off, like this deluxe living room. Just be sure to combine it with shiny finishes and lots of light neutral hues for a full-on graceful look. 

12. Turmeric

PTC Kitchens 의  주방
PTC Kitchens

White & Orange Handless

PTC Kitchens

What better tone to end off our list than Turmeric, a colour that shows off quite an amount of confidence and radiance. Just the colour for a room that requires a jolt of life, this hyperactive orange needs to be used with caution – and this kitchen’s backsplash and bar stools achieved it perfectly! 

Speaking of using colours correctly, see these 7 handsome, practical and masculine men’s bedroom ideas.  

Casas inHAUS의  주택

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