Epoxy paint: What is it and what is it used for?

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Epoxy paint: What is it and what is it used for?

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Epoxy paint is a two-part paint product which was originally designed for industrial flooring application. Modern times, however, have seen epoxy paint being used for residential spaces, ensuring a tough, durable and protective coating for interiors. 

Epoxy paint is supplied in two liquid components: the epoxy resin and a hardener, which need to be mixed together just before application. Epoxy paint is known as one of the toughest and most durable paint options on the market.

Let’s see some ways in which epoxy paint can be (and is being) used. 

1. For bathrooms

CATO creative의  욕실
CATO creative

Contemporary Bathroom and Lighting

CATO creative

Very durable; resistant to moisture… no wonder one of the most popular spaces to use epoxy paint is the bathroom. 

Think about the amount of water and steam that your average bathroom experiences in a lifetime. Even a quick shower can result in moisture getting on your bathroom walls. And should said walls not be coated with a paint equipped to handle that moisture content, the results could be negative for your bathroom’s look. 

But thanks to epoxy paint, your bathroom walls are beautifully protected from water damage or damage caused by air moisture. 

homify hint: Don’t overlook the potential of epoxy paint in your kitchen, where it can ensure a fresh new look for your countertops, plus resist discoloration caused by coffee, olive oil, and cleaning chemicals. 

2. For saunas

Nordic Saunas and Steam 의  스파
Nordic Saunas and Steam

Steam and Sauna Design & Installation.

Nordic Saunas and Steam

Speaking of rooms prone to lots of moisture and heat, how about them saunas? Any paint you bring into a sauna must definitely be able to stand up to those extreme conditions.

Enter epoxy paint! Over the years, epoxy paint has been proven a fantastic option for saunas and similar spaces, as it allows the painted surfaces to stand up much better to the abuse. 

Bring in any other type of paint for a sauna and you’re facing cracking and peeling surfaces very soon! 

3. In pool rooms

London Swimming Pool Company의  인피니티 풀
London Swimming Pool Company

Luxury basement pool and integrated spa

London Swimming Pool Company

A pool room is another excellent example of how epoxy paint can stand up to harsh conditions. Any indoor pool room is likely to generate a fair amount of moisture, which means the room’s walls are going to require the right kind of coating. 

homify hint: It’s also possible to utilise special paint additives that produce a decorative faux finish. Epoxies are compatible with various flakes and powders that can add extra style to a basement floor, for instance, or create the look of granite on a laminate countertop. These finishes can also be applied via a stencil to ensure the look of brick and mortar for a surface, like your concrete driveway or kitchen backsplash. 

4. On garage floors

Garageflex의  차고

Garageflex Case Study of a Fantastic Garage Makeover in Hertfordshire


Nobody can dispute that the average garage sees a lot of action, especially when it’s also used as a tool shed or work space. And let’s not even talk about cars driving in and out all the time. 

Here is, once again, where epoxy paint’s potential comes through. Paint it on the garage floor and worry a little less the next time you drop a heavy object on it.  

5. Commercial applications

Of course commercial spaces (such as shopping centres, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, etc.) are ideal for epoxy paint, seeing as they have a lot more going on than residential homes. Painting it on a wall of a commercial building means you get a surface that can withstand so much more wear and tear than usual. 

Practical, easy to apply, plus it’s available in so many colours to co-exist peacefully with just about any design style – why would you not consider epoxy paint? 

Speaking of perfect spaces, see these 9 basic mistakes to avoid when painting your front door.

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