8 Beautiful design options for your living room

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8 Beautiful design options for your living room

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Whenever we invite guests over, a living room is the first place that they see in our house. For this, you need to design the area keeping a lot of things in mind. The list can include anything from a comfortable couch to the lighting. However, another thing which plays a great role in creating an amazing looking living room is the decor. If you have been struggling to find the ideal interior design for your living space, then this ideabook can be of great help. In this article, you will be able to see eight beautiful design options, that can be incorporated in any home.

1. Living room with earthy tones

In case you are looking to achieve a cosy ambience for your living room, then try incorporating earthy tones of colour. Shades is like brown, beige, and copper, are a great example of the earthy colours. To make the surface stand out, you can combine it with an otherwise white interior.

2. A grand looking living room

A grand looking living space can be created by incorporating patterns into your furniture and walls. For example, here the designer has opted for a floral pattern, that can be seen on the focal wall as well as on the sofa set. Besides, the colour combination of this room has been kept light, so that it looks clean and spacious.

3. Shades of brown in a living room

Another way to make your living room look cozy and comfortable is with the help of different shades of brown. Here the designer has opted for a wooden floor, that gives a rustic touch to the overall space. Furthermore, the couch has also been lined with wooden strips to make it look in sync with the floor.

4. Upholstered furniture in a living room

If you don't want to make major changes to your existing living room, then you can uplift its design by simply upholstering the furniture. Here the couch has been lined with a plain fabric while the cushions have a bit of print on display.

5. Contrasting colours in a living room

You can even try incorporating two different colours in your living room to give it a beautiful contrast. One of the most popular choice in this category is of black and white as they look contemporary and modern. Besides, both these colours go well with any type of decor.

6. White couch for a living room

The easiest way to make your living room look spacious is by incorporating white furniture. For this, the couch of the living space has been lined with a white rexine-like material. It is not only good to look at, but is also easy to maintain.

7. Living room false ceiling

If money is not a constraint then you can even think about installing a designer false ceiling in your living room. This ceiling act as a custom decorative element for the entire space. Besides you can even install various lights in your false ceiling, so that, it can be used to create different moods.

8. Living room library

In case you are a bookworm, then having a library installed in your living room can be a great idea. Here the entire length of the wall has been dedicated to a bookshelf, which acts as the decorative element. Apart from this, the ceiling has also been covered with a similar design to give an illusion an extending bookshelf.

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