How to design a well-organised kitchen

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How to design a well-organised kitchen

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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A well-organised kitchen means a more efficient kitchen which is more comfortable to work in and easier to use and maintain. Interior architects have a special term for well-organised kitchens, which is an ergonomic kitchen. The good news is that creating an efficient kitchen does not require a complete renovation – it is possible to simply reorganise the kitchen without having to dismantle it totally.

Basically, an efficient kitchen should allow you to easily multi-task between various work spaces in the kitchen you may need to use during food preparation by arranging everything you need accordingly. For example, if your breakfast is usually toast and coffee, make sure you have the toaster, the water boiler or coffee machine all in close proximity so that you can easily multi-task between making toast and a hot drink without having to move all around the kitchen.

Today's article will guide you on how to design a well-organised kitchen by dividing it into five different areas according to various kitchen functions.

1. Cooking area

The cooking area includes the stove and kitchen ventilation hood. Cooking utensils and pans that are used often should be hung up or stored underneath the cooking area for convenience. If possible, make sure there is some space on the countertop on both the right and left of the stove, so that you can have all the ingredients you need to cook your meal close to you. For more ideas, here are some practical storage solutions for small kitchens.

2. Task lighting

Make sure you integrate task lighting directly over the cooking area and also in the other work areas or storage cabinets where you may need extra light. For more ideas, here are some kitchens designed for a small space.

3. Open shelves

Incorporate some open shelves near the cooking area so that you can easily reach the spices, herbs, salt, sugar, tea and whatever else you may frequently use during food preparation. For more ideas, here are some cleverly organised kitchen ideas you can copy.

4. Cleaning area

The cleaning area should include the sink and adequate space to store the dishes on dish racks. There should also be enough storage space under the sink for keeping all your cleaning supplies. Also ensure you choose the faucet according to the size of the sink so that water doesn't splash all over the place.

5. Food preparation area

Reserve a generous amount of space on the countertop to prepare food. All the tools you will need for this area like knives and chopping boards should be easily accessible in this area. Make sure the space is brightly lit enough and that the refrigerator and sink are as near as possible. The idea is to create an efficient kitchen work triangle, where there is no obstruction between the cooking area, cleaning area and food preparation area so that a good workflow can be achieved.

6. Food storage




Any food products that can be kept out of the fridge should be stored in kitchen cabinets. Store the food you most frequently use where it's easily accessible and store the extra supplies on the higher shelves.

7. Compartmentalized drawers

Compartmentalized drawers are not at all expensive to install and they can make such a world of difference when it comes to organizing kitchen utensils. The compartmentalized drawers also make for a quick and easy retrieval of the specific utensil you require.

8. Store your kitchen electrical appliances

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Chaney Architects

If you have a small kitchen, it's best to store the kitchen electrical appliances you use once in a while, like the blender, juicer or grill in one of the kitchen cabinets, so that they do not take up precious work space on the countertop.

We hope this article has given you some new ideas on how to organise your kitchen more efficiently. For more kitchen ideas, here is some inspiration for kitchen cabinets.

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