Crystal chandeliers for a luxury hotel in Italy

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Crystal chandeliers for a luxury hotel in Italy

Antonio Baroni – Homify Antonio Baroni – Homify
MULTIFORME® lighting의  호텔
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Murano crystal is a material able to generate infinite reflections of light. When used to make chandeliers or lamps, the effect highlights not only the crystal and its thousand reflections, but also the environments in which it is used.

The use of crystal chandeliers is particularly suitable to give a touch of class and elegance in large environments, such as big private rooms of hotels or dining rooms of luxury restaurants.

In this ideabook you can admire in their splendour some Murano glass chandeliers used in a Luxury Hotel in Sanremo, produced by the Italian company MULTIFORME®, specialised in the sector.

MULTIFORME is a leading company in the production of luxury chandeliers. Entirely made in Italy, the whole production process of the chandeliers is developed in the national territory. Headquartered in Venice, MULTIFORME operates entirely independently, exporting its products all over the world. All the projects developed are carried on internally, offering high standards and customised solutions for all their customers, to satisfy even the most specific requests.

The company has also often collaborated with appreciated and selected companies and brands of interior design, for the furniture sector.

The chandeliers in the picture have been specially made to increase the artistic and aesthetic value of the rooms of a prestigious five-star hotel in Sanremo. The building, in Art Nouveau style, dates back to 1876 and its location in the Ligurian Riviera further enhances the property.

The two chandeliers located in the Hall belong to the CRYSTAL collection and are entirely made of glass. The Crystal Dream R. chandelier, with its modern rectangular shape, fits perfectly with the size of the space in which it is housed. The reflections of light produced are perfect highlight of the environment and furniture.

The pendant version of the model, Crystal Dream, decorates the adjacent room with a refined and up-to-date style. Both models of the CRYSTAL collection are made of crystal components and metal finishes.

To renovate the interiors so as to make them suitable to the standard of the Hotel, which was opened to the public again in 2018 following the renovation, the owners decided to turn to MULTIFORME to identify the most appropriate chandeliers in the lobby and the restaurant hall.

The restaurant environment hosts a different type of chandelier, from the Rezzonico style, typically of Muranese origin. The collection used is called CAESAR in this case, and with the glass components and the coordinated wall lights, it contributes to creating an atmosphere of class and elegance, perfect to host the sumptuous banquets for the guests of the hotel. 

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