A stunning extension perfectly delivered by London architects Resi

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A stunning extension perfectly delivered by London architects Resi

Nancy Amon _ homify Nancy Amon _ homify
Resi Architects in London의  욕실
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Ever wanted to add an extension to your home, but can't find the inspiration you need to spark that grand idea into existence? At homify, you’ll find a wide selection of skilled architects in London as well as other professionals that will help you make your dream home a reality!

In this post, we zone into one of the masterpieces designed by Resi, one of London’s leading teams when it comes to architecture innovation. As one of UK’s first online architect service, the company provides services that incorporates technology, affordability, and state-of-the-art designs. Catering for commercial and private industries, they offer bespoke packages tailored to every need.

Open-plan simplicity

Resi Architects in London의  다이닝 룸

This open-plan setup is the perfect spot to gather guests and family for a social occasion. The space offers a wide area that incorporates light and clean, neat lines. The overall finish includes the fully-fitted kitchen and dining area combined into one. With extra light coming in through the wide skylight, this space feels airy and looks amazing.

A mini-garden in the courtyard

Resi Architects in London의  테라스 주택

This courtyard extends from the living area and spills over to a neat mini garden, this is a wonderful addition to this home and provides great opportunities to entertain outdoors on a fine day. The huge glass windows at the rear of the house keep everything flooded with light and connect the kitchen to the garden perfectly.

More than a minimalist kitchen

Resi Architects in London의  빌트인 주방
Resi Architects in London

Minimalist Kitchen

Resi Architects in London

This kitchen offers a large amount of space with plenty of storage and worktops. Cooking a meal and inviting guests over for brunch or dinner is effortless with this beautiful extended kitchen area. Even though this is a minimalist kitchen, it offers so much more than what simply meets the eye. The contrasting black and white effect keep things from being stale or boring while a glossy countertop finish gives it that sleek modern look.

Chilled lounge

Resi Architects in London의  거실

This lounge is the ideal spot to “chill out” and take a deserved break after a busy day. Inviting guests over into this beautiful relaxing space will surely set the tone for unwinding. The exposed brick and rustic style furniture keep things feeling cozy in this open-plan space.

A chic bathroom

Resi Architects in London의  욕실

You just can’t go wrong with an elegant looking bathroom like this. These architects in London did a great job on designing this stylish bathroom fit for a 5-star retreat. It’s just what you could do with after a long day at the office, unwind, and relax in this gorgeous space.

Renovating and making any structural changes to your home takes time and skill. In fact, when it comes to modifying your home, you may not even know where to begin or what aspects to consider for that matter. For this reason, it’s best to call on the trusted help of the skilled men and women who specialise in this type of thing. At homify you can find all the help you need from plumbers and carpenters, to interior decorators and flooring specialists.

Here are some great tips on how to modernise your house and take it from “bleh” to yeah!

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