A modern multi-family house by Johannesburg architects

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A modern multi-family house by Johannesburg architects

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As one of the leading architects in Johannesburg, the professional team of TOP CENTRE PROPERTIES is specialized in civil projects and residential ones. They have acquired extensive experience in creating high density properties as well as architecture and construction, servicing both locally and abroad .

In this feature ideabook, we explore another great development by these Johannesburg architects with the modern style House Ramela.

3D Exterior drawing

This is an example of the 3D drawing, you witness the team's perfection and attention to detail. The project starts off with a concept and then 3D design. This forms part of a larger strategic planning process.

Outdoor fireplace construction

The outdoor fireplace seen here is in its construction phase and will make for many outdoor social gatherings with friends and family even on cold winter evenings. This is a mutual and one of the integral features of this large and beautiful family home.

Side exterior under construction

This picture shows one of the sides of this beautiful home. It features a raw stone cladding as well as smoothed surfaces and together they create a very contemporary look, fitting for this modern Property.

Further construction of the property

Here we can see the team hard at work constructing the beautiful house in Johannesburg. It features intricate designs that results in the complete modern look in the finished result.

3D rear angle of the Ramela home

This is another angle of House Ramela in the 3D design view. It boasts spacious outdoor entertainment areas, a sparkling pool, and balcony’s to enjoy the view of the rest of the property.

Completed side view

Here you can see the 3D view of the side in the previous picture that was under construction. This is the finished results after the team recreates this design.

Detailed sketch work

Detailed sketch work is one of the steps during the designing process of the property. Here below is a series of sketches depicting this beautiful house.

Rear exterior with parking space

House Ramela is big on large living spaces and double volume. As seen here is another side to the property showing some of the parking and driveway.

Spacious parking and garages

As we’ve already mentioned the home boasts some large living spaces and to match that, its only fitting that these architects in Johannesburg created adequate space to accommodate the vehicles. As seen here, there’s enough space to accommodate guests parking in the driveway as well as cars securely parked in the lockup and go garages.

Neat front entrance

A neat front entrance as seen here is minimal and welcoming to guests.

Complete fire place and entertainment zone

We like to think of this section as a grand entertainment zone for the guests visiting the family at the Ramela house in Johannesburg. Straight lines and aesthetics accompany this excellent example of a contemporary home.

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