Front elevation design ideas from architects in Jaipur

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Front elevation design ideas from architects in Jaipur

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Front elevations are like a window into your home. It is a perfect representation of what you would like people to think about your style and preferences. Also, the front elevation performs an important task of creating an identity among the other homes in the vicinity. It can either stand out or conform to the look of the homes within the locality. The architects of Divine Architects, Jaipur have together a wonderful collection of ideas on ways in which you can beautify the first appearance of your home.

Restricted space

Despite having a smaller space to work with, the architects have put together a charming look for the front of this home. Working with subtle colours and a combination of dark versus light, they have created a perfect synchrony of colours and textures. Wood panels in the gate; a few brick accents; glass to add modernity, and greenery for contrast are all effective ways to brighten the look.

Vertical look

This is a home that is spread out on two levels. The vertical aspect of the home is evident and by accentuating it, the designers have enhanced the look. A small column of stone with a pattern etched into it adds charm and elegance to this front elevation.

Simple design

Here, a simplistic structure has been supported by vertical elements that have been contrasted with wood doors and windows. This makes an impressive effect on the overall design. A combination of glass and wood makes it even more attractive.

Wonderful contrasts

This home is elegant and stands proudly against a simple background. This is an elegant display of architectural design as there is a perfect balance of textures and elements. Stone, brocks and pillars form a wonderful pattern to make this home look lovely.

Bright accents

An apartment with a commercial premise on the ground floor can present a challenge. Yet, this design is perfect as it is attractive and yet subtle. The light colours of the walls have been effectively contrasted with the rose wood colour which has been used intermittently in a pattern. A simple tree like mural on the side draws your eye towards the property.

Exceptional design

Cement grey makes for an impressive look for the front elevation. This has been beautifully contrasted with the whites and the brick red colour. An open pagoda right on top works to top off the design wonderfully well. The glass in the windows and the doors makes a great impression from the outside.

Balanced look

This is a charming and lovely home. The main gate itself is a piece of art as there is a combination of panels which greet you. The stone wall looks elegant and stands tall against the horizontal lines and the stark white tones around the front. Plants and greenery add the perfect contrast to this space. 8 Classic window dressing ideas.

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