Interior designing with turnkey solutions by architects in Mumbai

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Interior designing with turnkey solutions by architects in Mumbai

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Midas Dezign의  아이방
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Whether you are working with restricted space or spacious homes, synchronization in design is essential. There has to be a certain harmony in size; the balance of colours and focus on simplicity. By following a few basic rules, even small homes can display a subtle elegance. This wonderful and charming home in Mumbai has been designed by the interior architects of Midas dezign. Every small angle, design, form and structure has been contemplated giving rise to interiors that are attractive and sophisticated overall.

Elegant bookcase

The wall opposite the sofa has been designed as the TV unit. However, by including a bookshelf alongside the same, the architects have made it versatile. A simplistic unit which has adequate space for electronics, books and other artefacts makes this an ideal unit.

Simplistic living room

The only bright colour in this room is the rug and yet this room is elegant and charming. The white sofas make for a wonderful addition to this room. By placing one of the sofas at an angle, the room displays a unique character and style. A lovely stainless steel floor lamp beautifies this room even further.

Charming dining space

The dining room is adjacent to the living room yet it displays its own character and style. The lovely and modern chairs give this room an updated and trendy look. The café-style lamps hang low and give the dining room a warm and inviting look.

Cosy appearance

The lovely mosaic/marble floor tiles form a perfect canvas for white furniture. A simple and modest artwork hangs on the wall. A room separator in a white checker pattern gives the room a vintage look. So, the architects have been able to combine several styles effectively to give this room a unique character.

Sophisticated and stylish bedroom

Sometimes bedrooms just need a style statement to give it a stylish look. Here, it seems to be colour of the wood and the soft sheer drapes that contribute this look. The Tv on the wall has been complemented well by the soft grey colour on the walls. A low bed, simple light fixtures and an elegant trendy look are what makes the room impressive.

Vibrant kitchen

A modern kitchen needs to have all the essential gadgets. This kitchen seems to encompass everything that you would need as it has bold colours, the glossy finish and the contrasting countertop to top it all off. The neon colour has been off-set well with traditional wood panels for the cabinets.

Charming kids bedroom

A lovely mural adorns the wall of this lovely kid’s bedroom. A fancy mural that depicts a rooster as a soldier is a perfect way to wake up a child’s imagination. A simple desk attached to the wall is a clever way of making use of the available space.

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