Home exteriors and interior designs by architects in Ahmedabad

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Home exteriors and interior designs by architects in Ahmedabad

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Malvi Gajjar design has designed this private residence. This team of Interior Architects in Ahmedabad has done a fantastic job in creating and designing a home that is modern in every sense of the word. From the décor to the colour scheme, each corner of the house oozes sophistication. The façade, the interiors and the veranda are all designed to create comfortable spaces. So lets start our tour. 

The façade

The façade of this house is designed to look uber modern. The use of grey stone with exposed red bricks creates the perfect rustic combination that in turn, creates an impressive design. So at first glance, we definitely said wow.

The living area

The minimalistic living room is a vast expanse, with simple and elegant furniture. Jute upholstered sofas rest on polished wooden frames. The ceiling design uses wood and PoP. The centre tables are made from marble, which has been polished to create a reflective surface. 

The family room

The family room is a more intimate space, with a comfortable rug placed by the legs of the sofa. Separated from other parts of the house with a wood and glass separator, this living room is reserved for immediate family and for the daily TV watching sessions.

A different view

This view gives us a better idea of the layout of the house. There is a set of granite stairs leading to the upper levels. An elevator is placed beside it. The dining area is located in this open space, which has an elegant wooden ceiling.

The kitchen

The modern kitchen follows the theme of the house, which includes combining wood with other materials. Here, we have a classic colour pallet that is used to design the kitchen and create the perfect working space. Space has already been allocated for the different appliances.

Beautiful bedroom

The bedroom has been laid out in a way that the bed, along with the armchairs fits quite well. The wall behind the bed uses stones to give it a more rustic and old school feel. The marble flooring looks absolutely gorgeous.

The finer details

The wardrobe design is something we absolutely love in this room. The doors use a back painted mirror to create this effect. There is a small wooden dressing table on the side. The ceiling design uses a unique painted design.

Perfect spot

This spot on the upper level is perfect for a morning cup of tea. The custom made wooden swing looks out into the garden outside.

Elegant bedroom

The elegant bedroom uses wood and other materials, but is slightly more colourful than the rest of the house. The bed is placed on a low wooden frame, covered by suede. The wall behind the bed is a mix and match of patterns and colours to create a unique look.

Entertainment arena

The entertainment area is of course the home theatre. The unique design has two different seating arrangements, with armchairs on top and a more relaxed, laidback seating arrangement at a lower level.

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