Moden villa in Bengaluru with space-saving ideas

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Moden villa in Bengaluru with space-saving ideas

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Vdezin Interiors의  침실
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This plush and lavish villa is located in the city of Bengaluru. The design team behind this stunning is Vdezin Interiors, Interior Designers & Decorators in Bengaluru. The beautiful home is quite spacious, with multiple bedrooms, a terrace, a spacious dining area, two living rooms and a kitchen. Perfect for a large, bustling family, the home is decorated with unique décor items that create a beautiful and unusual vibe.

The living room

The beautiful living room is decorated with accents of brown, combined with cream. A large sofa set spans the entire room, with striped upholstery on the seats and brown upholstery on the backrests. A matching centre table with striped upholstery joins the sofa set in the living room.

The TV wall

Detailing the key here, as we can see in the wall right behind the TV. The textured wall adds character to the design, and the adjacent wall, with stone style tiles and lighting adds some style to the room.

The open layout

The open layout of the 1st floor of the home is quite visible here, with the continuous space. The guest living room has a black marble flooring, with grey suede sofas. The living room leads directly into the dining area.

The serving area

There is sufficient space in the dining area to set up a serving area that also functions as a storage area for expensive crockery. The laser cut panels cordoned off the sink from the rest of the area.

Leading to the kitchen

The next phase of the open layout showcases the dining area that leads directly into the bright kitchen. The black marble flooring looks beautiful. There is soft lighting in the dining area.

The kitchen

The kitchen is the quintessential modern cooking space. Red, black and white comes together to create perfect contrast of colours. The back painted glass used in the kitchen is very easy to clean and maintain.

Wooden design

The first bedroom we see has a stunning wooden design in the wardrobe. Different laminates have been used to create a geometric pattern with contrasting colours. The room itself is stylish with a simple colour scheme.

The landing

On the first floor, we have the bedrooms. The double ceiling holds a beautiful chrome and glass hanging chandelier that illuminates the glass and wood staircase.

The children’s room

The kid’s room is decorated in grey and red, an unusual combination but pone that works well. Here, we see the study table that occupies one corner of the room.

The bed

The bed in the children’s room has been placed in a corner on a platform, with both walls being covered with suede upholstery to give the kids their own little corner.

Unique wallpaper

This bedroom is unique in terms of its décor. The wallpaper is unusual, but works well with the dark brown flooring and the brown leather bedhead.

The home theatre

Why go out when you can enjoy at home? This home theatre is equipped with comfortable chairs and is sound proofed to give the owners an amazing experience.

Dining outside

The outside dining/ seating area is wonderful. The designers have utilized the open space to add this unique element to the home, so the owners can enjoy nature at its finest.

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