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​A One-Room Flat Reborn

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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Here on homify 360°, we are in love with sharing new ideas and new creations, whether it’s a five-storey Hollywood mansion or a rustic little cottage in rural Tuscany. Yet, in most cases, what we share are places of wonder and aesthetic quality. Don’t you ever wonder what those areas looked like before we discovered them?

Today we get a chance to discover two sides to a story – the ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions. We head to South Korea, a mishmash of fantastic natural landscapes and futuristic cities, to discover the miracle work of interior designers and decorators Design Mellow

They decided to tackle a one-room flat and give it a second chance in life. But a renovation consists of more than dusting off the shelves and adding a scatter cushion or two. 

Let’s discover the details of what they accomplished… but first, the before!

Before: dark and old

Of course to truly get behind the magic of a renovation project, one needs to see what the location looked like before the hard work started. And here we get a sense of what the old space truly was: dark, bland, empty, and uninviting. 

No colours jump out, no patterns catch the eye, and no lighting illuminate any beauty – things definitely need a bit of perking up.

Before: a lonely feeling

Here we see a part of the kitchen, as well as the entryway (hidden behind the wall partition on the right). On homify we love a good wooden floor, yet this one seems to cry out from loneliness. 

There is no personal touch, yet a hint of possibility is present. Luckily, the team at Design Mellow realised this too, and immediately got to work.

After: Light and bright

A strong batch of creativity has been unleashed, and we are awestruck at the results. Cold and grey ceilings were replaced by a warm and bright ambience, no doubt thanks to those cutting-edge lights. This complements the warmth of the wooden flooring superbly, which has now been transformed into a surface we can truly fall in love with.

The bright and peachy kitchen flaunts sleek closed cabinets, ensuring sufficient storing space. And a batch of fantastic furniture made their way into the apartment, including a fashionable couch that adds a decadently dark touch, a plush grey rug that makes a starring appearance, a timber coffee table that plays quite nicely with the new warmth added to the space, and a couple of scatter cushions that add some delightful pattern to this sexy new area. 

A long black console table (together with the couch) balances exceptionally well with the bright and warm interiors, while also providing adequate space for organising a range of electronic equipment. 

And it’s not all play and no work here, as a chic table and chair on the far left side serves as a prime study/work area.

After: Stylish resting

A small bookcase has been added to the side of the bed, working exceptionally well as a partitioning element that zones off the bedroom from the living room. We love that timber tone of the bookcase, blending in excellently with the new warm vibe that seems to flow so freely now. 

And what good is a new interior without some added greenery? A light touch of indoor greens has been added to the top of the case, as well as a sleek reading lamp. 

The bed opted for a comfy and straightforward approach, with its crisp white and sage green tones elegantly working that sweet-dreams space.

After: A touch of green

Taking its cue from the bookcase, the area between the study and TV decided to add a bit of its own greenery – behold, a single potted cactus! The pot fits fabulously into its new home, lending a simple yet comfy vibe to this open-plan area. 

Speaking of small spaces, we have some: Charming ideas for your small garden.

After: A changed entrance

Before, the entryway was a stark space without any friendly vibe. But now, it has become a lively spot, thanks to, among other things, the long slim mirror, the funky framed art, and touches of natural greens. In the mirror we can see a cactus reflected against the opposite wall, as well as a funky piece of wall art that greets us in a loving, playful way. 

All in all, a pretty successful renovation, in our opinion. The new space is not only an improvement on the old one; it also changes the entire ambience and way of thinking. Looking at the new apartment now, one cannot help but think of a step towards a positive future, with, of course, a decent helping of style and decor added for effect.

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