A modern-meets-colonial house design by Johannesburg architects

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A modern-meets-colonial house design by Johannesburg architects

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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When it comes to property development and architectural construction, Johannesburg-based Top Centre Properties is one of the big players in the industry. With a brilliant portfolio showcasing a range of high-end projects (from large-scale buildings and civil projects to interior designs and renovations), Top Centre Properties has developed not only an esteemed reputation, but also successful working relationships with a range of suppliers, contractors, and other professionals in the architectural / construction business.

Some of their most popular services (available right across South Africa, as well as internationally) include architectural designs, construction, property development, renovations, and interior design. 

Let’s take a look at one of the firm’s latest projects: The Ruimsig Country Estate. 

The back yard

We're not sure where to look first: the interesting modern-meets-colonial style of the house, or that paradise-like back yard with its welcoming green lawn and dreamy swimming pool.

Don't overlook the covered backyard terrace which seems like the perfect spot for anything from an al fresco family dinner to a pool party hotspot.

The front side

As far as first impressions and kerb appeal go, this family home scores 10/10. Not only does it flaunt a stately look with its two-storey design, earthy colour scheme and welcoming look (specifically thanks to that wooden pergola which leads us to the front door), but it also includes the right amount of greenery with its perfectly manicured lawn and small-but-getting-there tree. 

Notice how the stone-clad surfaces, neatly trimming the corners of the walls as well as the sides of the pathway to the front entrance, enhance the colour palette plus ups the texture / character of the façade considerably. 

An interior look

Of course a beautiful façade will only get you so far – it's the interiors which really matter. And just one look at this project is enough to convince us that the pros were equally committed to style and substance for the house's indoor spaces.

Our favourite piece here? Most definitely that open-riser staircase which curves creatively to the next storey. How's that for a functional focal point in this open-plan living space? 

Let’s see a few more images that speak of this delightful family home…

A dazzling vision

The style doesn’t stop after sundown. As soon as dusk falls, the lighting fixtures (both on the inside and outside) get switched on and transform this modern marvel into a glittering fantasy.  Warm glows are cast onto the fresh lawn and increase the visual look of all walls and corners thanks to a delightful game between light and shadow.

Notice how the additional lights make the stone surfaces seen even more raw and textured! 

A different view of the front

From one splendid team to another, let’s indulge in an Interview with the pros in Cape Town: Just Interior Design.

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