Interior design ideas from a 3bhk apartment in Bangalore

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Interior design ideas from a 3bhk apartment in Bangalore

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Modulart의  거실
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This residential condominium is located in Bangalore, the outcome of some fantastic teamwork by Modulart, interior designers and decorators. The home is furnished to satisfy the client’s lifestyle needs and decorated with contemporary design. The amalgamation of using white and off – white shades for decorating, along with the tasteful décor creates a serene and inviting home. The home is equipped with three bedrooms, a small temple, a living room, a kitchen, a spacious entrance and delightful aesthetics. So let’s take a tour!

The Living Room

Designed using a mild shade, the white texture of the living room invokes calm and peace. The sofa sets are upholstered with white fabric and have comfortable armrests. The curtains are carefully kept a light shade to match the overall design. The glass table in the centre and the side table are properly placed. 

Unique Ceiling Design

The ceiling pattern is unusual and eye catching with bright lights that light up the entire pathway and the living room. It allows one to see the entire living space in perfect lighting. The modern art frame on the wall adds a certain beauty to the room.

The Entrance

The main entrance to the home has been kept bare, with just a hanging crystal lamp. The beautiful light creates an inviting atmosphere.. The wall clock with roman numbers is placed right above a single drawer table. The modular kitchen area, despite being small, offers maximum to work. The small kitchen island also functions as a serving table.

The temple

For a peaceful state of mind, a temple inside the house is a necessity. Beautiful idols are placed here for a positive vibe. The white décor continues into the living area, creating a uniform design space that evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth. 

Open Plan

In this view, we see that the home has an open layout. A common passage connects the entire house. Warm white light illuminates the whole space very well. The two soft cushioned foot-tables are kept to support the seating arrangement and fit a large number of people. A side lamp in the corner is placed for décor and extra lighting.

Contemporary Mixture

With the perfect mixture of black, white and grey, this bedroom is a clear example of modern, contemporary design. The inverse ‘T’ shaped backdrop is the centre of attraction, with its concealed lighting. The all white room creates the perfect atmosphere for resting and relaxing in the room.

Minimalist Furnishing

The second bedroom is a combination of white and caramel. The minimalist room has a double bed and wardrobes. The wall lamp near to the bed is luminous. The use of three very minute square boxes beside the wardrobe adds to the design. This room is furnished simply and elegantly.

The Bedroom

The main bedroom is a well-lit, well-ventilated and a well-designed masterpiece. The evergreen combination of a warm shade of white and brown looks beautiful. The wooden palette behind the television set complements the decor and the TV wall is created to match the overall décor. Coolest kitchen designs for Bangalore homes.

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