Stunning California beach house inspired by the horizon

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Stunning California beach house inspired by the horizon

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모던스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by Hector Landgrave 모던
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Today, the architects at Hector Landgrave bring you a breathtaking beach house in California, which inspires with its interesting materials, sleek lines and amazing openness of design. A creative combination of concrete, steel, wood, marble and acrylic has achieved this structural wonder! Aluminum, crystal and river stones are some other materials that have been used here. The house is a double storied affair which sprawls across 1600sqm and mimics the unique beauty of the natural horizon with its minimalist look. Glass has been used lavishly to give the structure a beautifully bright, airy and open aura, while the color scheme is neutral to let the design shine. Trendy furniture and stylish lighting add to the appeal. 

The arresting facade

Note how amazingly well the stylish house complements the beautiful horizon where the sky meets the sea. Bold black lines and large glass windows give the structure a unique charm, while both stories visually open up to the outdoors and overlook the stylish patio and garden. The outdoor seating area is shaded to keep the elements at bay and the green hedge lends privacy. The house shines like a jewel after dark. 

Open plan beauty

Bathed in soft cream hues and mellow lights, the living and dining areas of the residence seamlessly merge for an airy and open vibe. The panels on the ceiling are backlit for a luxurious feel. The furniture is trendy and the bookshelf at the end has shelves on all sides. 

Living with a view

The classy living space boasts of the latest in furniture and sober tones. A massive glass window offers uninterrupted view of the sea as well as the outdoor seating. The fireplace at the end is a very contemporary structure and keeps it cozy in winter.   

Fashionable open kitchen

The open kitchen composed of sleek counters and a practical island with inbuilt storage, blends well with the other common areas but doesn’t get in the way. Strategically placed lights on the ceiling make it easy to work here. The U-shaped layout allows the chef to prep meals, wash produce and move around with ample ease. Plus, the glass on all sides brings in loads of sunlight and offers wonderful views.   

Little details

We love how this double height space connects with the other side of the house via large glass windows. The black and cream color palette is severe yet attractive. Light gets to flow freely in all parts of the structure this way. The ceiling is also of special interest, thanks to the curved panels with embedded lights. 

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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