Bedrooms with character to match and shape your kid’s personality

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Bedrooms with character to match and shape your kid’s personality

Stefani Bednarova Stefani Bednarova
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There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your kids' bedroom, from eye-catching colours and patterns to wall art that really captures the character of your children.

Bearing in mind, that as children grow and their taste and style may change you may opt to change their bedroom over the years or opt for a more neutral style that can fit many ages.

Let's take a look at a few different bedroom styles brought to us by Metro Wardrobes.

Neutral or vibrant colors

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Vibrant colors will transform the space from a simple room into a room with unique character that will positively stimulate your child throughout the time he/she spends there. By introducing colors full of energy, the bedroom becomes a fun place and so do the activities that take place in it. Still, don’t underestimate the power of a more achromatic palette. A bedroom which is designed with neutral tones and furnished with natural materials is ideal for any child, whether a boy or girl. The aura of serenity that surrounds these kind of bedrooms will be important after the socially busy and overly stimulating days that children experience

Classic or contemporary design

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With a classic bedroom design, rearranging furniture is easy, making redecorating possible without any extra expenses. What is more, bedrooms with a more traditional layout can be designed to look stunning even on a lower budget, simply by paying attention to the color palette and choosing furniture that follow a common theme. However, contemporary bedrooms have their own advantages, such as smart storage solutions and innovative furniture design that save spaces and leave your child with plenty of free room to move around and play.

What I especially love about these modern kids bedrooms by Metro Bedrooms and Kitchens LTD is the elevated office space and sitting area. This arrangement gives the room a sense of being in a private studio apartment that will help to develop your child’s independence.

Contemporary bedroom design with sitting area

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Bedroom that reflects or shapes their personality

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Children develop preferences towards specific colors from very early on and the colors they like become a big part of their personality. Choosing to incorporate your child’s favorite color into their bedroom decor will reflect and support their persona, thus, making them feel at ease with the surrounding environment. On the other hand, a color-wise minimal decor will give children the freedom to add their personal touch later on once they have acquired new interests and hobbies. 

Do all these options sound perfect? Do you find it hard to make a choice? Get in touch with Metro Wardrobes and your kid can have the room of its dreams.

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