Interior decor ideas from a private bungalow in Ahmedabad

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Interior decor ideas from a private bungalow in Ahmedabad

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malvigajjar의  거실, 모던
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Bungalows are larger spaces and this is truly a blessing as it provides sufficient space for everyone in the family. The challenge, however, is to ensure that such spaces are designed to look beautiful while being functional and effective for a long time. The interior architects of Malvigajjar in Ahmedabad have created a masterpiece of a home. Every tine detail has been taken care of to ensure that the homeowners have a space that is comfortable, vibrant and delightful. Specific and artistic materials such as marble, cane furniture, metal framework, and interesting lighting combine to give you an elegant space.

Interesting doorway

The main door to a house is not given enough attention but creating a distinct and stylish door can be one way to create an attractive space. The mustard tones and the intricate metalwork make this door unique and charming. 

White and pure

The colour white creates a wonderful effect within a home. Here, the architects have chosen to create comfort and luxury by using white sofas. Apart from contributing a luxurious look, it does give the room a sophisticated look. A glass panel consisting of square blocks of thickened glass creates the perfect façade that divides spaces. 

Separate Sections

Creating sections in your sitting room allows you to entertain depending on the guests that come in. While one could be classified as a formal sitting room, the other could be used more informally to host guests, friends, and family. Using a combination of deep browns and white, the architects have kept things stylish and elegant.

Unique separator

Room separators are perfect as they seem to divide without restricting the overall design. Doing away with walls in a home is a very contemporary style. Here, this separator is slightly different as it creates a corridor or a passage. The simple straight lines and the spaces in between create the perfect look.

Sophisticated dining area

The dining room looks royal and luxurious. The wall art with its numerous textures definitely forms the focal point. To prevent the look from getting boring or dry, an elegant wood panel with intricate carvings has been inserted into the ceiling. This provides relief from the light colour all around. The unique shape of the chairs gives the room a contemporary look overall. 

Cool look for the kitchen

Using another cool design for a separator, the architects have aced the look of the kitchen. Staying with the overall choice of colour, the whites have been combined with a lighter shade of wood floor and black granite for the countertops. 

Stylish wardrobes

Doors and wardrobes are an intrinsic part of the interiors of your home. Using the right colours, textures and designs can elevate the look of the room. Here, the horizontal stripes in the wood make the perfect impression among the stark white colours used.For those wanting to know more - 13 practical solutions for your kitchen

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