Elaborate home interiors and lawn designs from a home in Indore

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Elaborate home interiors and lawn designs from a home in Indore

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Jamali interiors의  주택
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Whether you are designing interiors or exteriors, a number of factors will dictate the final appearance. One of the most critical factors has to be the budget and beyond which homeowners think about the look and the design. The interior designers and decorators of Jamali Interiors in Indore have put together some cool ideas for homes. There is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern ideas which gives you an option to choose from various styles. The designers have chosen to work with a number of elements to give the space a unique and distinctive look.

Impressive sofas

There is something beautiful about traditional and antique designs. This is a wonderful sitting room that has been designed to look rustic and old-style. The ornate carvings on the heavy wood furniture indicate a liking for the traditional artistry. The shapes and curves on the furniture give the room an ethnic and old charm. The center table is equally attractive as the base seems to replicate the ruins of an old city. It has been topped with a heavy glass to make it an unusual yet attractive table.

Simplistic landscaping

Exteriors of a home need to be addressed based on the available space and the requirement of the homeowners. In this case, the designers have used rustic and simple lampposts to accentuate the beauty of this area. Adding a plant adjacent to the lampposts has made this place endearing. As these plants grow, the area is bound to look even more attractive. A combination of a paved area along with a natural sandpit completes the look here.

Majestic presence

The front elevation of a home is truly a reflection of what the home looks like on the inside. Here, you can see there is a wonderful balance of shapes, windows, and arches giving this lovely home a striking and royal presence. Using a combination of ochre shades along with soft pastels, the house looks welcoming. A stone bird sits atop the façade welcoming people into the home. Similarly, a wonderful fountain right in front of the home in another aspect that makes this home a wonderful combination of natural and man-made elements.

Charming interiors

Homes reflect the tastes of the people living within. The wonderful memorabilia, collectibles, and artefacts that homeowners have can be displayed in the unique yet impressive showcase. Two cabinets are connected by an open ledge. With background lighting installed in the shelves, the artefacts look impressive and beautiful.

Green and beautiful

The large iron gate gives a royal and magnificent appearance to the home. The landscaped area has been well cordoned off with a wooden wall that seems to have been put together with panels. This contrasts well against the green of the lawns and trees. Similarly, the lampposts also give a wonderfully rustic feel to the outdoors. Dress your windows to match your personality.

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