22 creative wall decor ideas for South African homes

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22 creative wall decor ideas for South African homes

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Making design changes in your home can either improve or break the overall look. Now while this can seem like an overwhelmingly monstrous task or even intimidating, it’s easy with the right help. If you’re planning on acing the design, then the help of a professional interior designer could greatly benefit your course.

When it comes to wall decor, interior designers and decorators will help you choose the right colours, textures and pieces to go with the theme of space. This is why they always work closely with their clients to help them achieve the perfect results no matter what the changes may be.

When going for a change of scenery by yourself, you can use absolutely anything that will fit into the theme of your home. Some people go for bold and beautiful; others opt for bright colours or stick to neutrals. A dash of accessories, a breath of fresh air with plants and even some shelves where appropriate. Needless to say, it’s clear that the options for beautiful wall decor are truly endless!  

1. Understated appeal

Keeping the look simple, with just a hint of texture is a great way to tease in that sense of chic style.

2. Stylish mirrors

Placing stylish mirrors on the wall will bring in light and make the living space look bigger!

3. Keep it natural

Wooden wall finishes set the tone for a deluxe cabin-like home, not to mention the cosy and comfy vibe.

4. Display with shelves

Shelving is a great way to display your favourite trinkets.

5. Add some texture into the walls

Instead of plain plastered walls, why not add some artistic texturing on the wall?

6. Geometric patterns

Step out of your comfort zone and add some bold patterns to the feature wall.

7. A wall of green pastures

Even regular feature walls could be boring. How about adding a blanket of grassy-wall to spark a change?

8. A hint of art

Hanging some artwork is an easy way to change the whole scenery.

9. Contemporary mural

This is a nice take to the classic mural and with the lacquer finish that adds an contemporary look.

10. Brick finish wall

Face brick is an easy-wear and almost maintenance-free part to add to your accent walls.

11. Mirror in the hallway

Apart from catching your reflection or a quick check before you leave home, a mirror adds the illusion of amplified space.

12. Timber cladding

Timber is a naturally self-sustaining material and a beautiful addition to your wall.

13. Chalkboard wall

If you are a creative person or have little kids, a chalkboard wall would be perfect for your home. It adds an opportunity to write daily menu, grocery lists and even artistic doodles!

14. Frame the artwork

Frame the artwork before placing them on the wall, as this adds more texture.

15. Double mirrors

Placing round mirrors on the wall adds an extra dimension to the room.

16. Charcoal or pencil art

The framework on the wall is artistically beautiful and natural…

17. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to skip the hard work of painting.

18. Tools on display

This is a catchy and space-saving way of putting your tools on display, especially if you enjoy gardening and DIY.

19. Stone cladding

Stone cladding always adds a touch of earthy, natural and zen to the space.

20. Rustic appeal

Adding some natural features such as raw-wooden shelves and finishes is a nice way to set the tone for an earthy, rustic space.

21. Pretty with vases

Floating shelves plus a collection of vases like this is a lovely addition to your bathroom.

22. Creative with primary colours

Simply let your imagination flow and add your own creative touch with some primary colours!

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