Minimalistic home design ideas from an apartment in Bengaluru

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Minimalistic home design ideas from an apartment in Bengaluru

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Vdezin Interiors의 미니멀리스트 , 미니멀
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This is an exceptional example of balance in design and style. A home should be an expression of your likes and dislikes expressed in a tasteful manner. The interior designers and decorators of VDEZIN INTERIORS have converted this simple home into something that is elegant and charming. Every aspect of the design has been considered and that includes the colour, textures, patterns, and styles. The designers have used a subtle and lighter colour palette to showcase a simplistic style. Using modest furniture designs, the home gives off an open and spacious look.

Simplistic TV Unit

A simplistic design for the Tv unit is what makes this pleasing and attractive. A combination of light and dark tones creates the right contrast. Also, by adding a few open ledges on either side along with a few closed drawers below, the designers have made the design both functional and beautiful.

Interesting ceiling work

False ceilings are making an appearance in every home and this is because it not only makes the rooms look attractive but it gives an opportunity to add lighting that can be concealed well. Here, a wood finish has been contrasted with the plain white to give a unique appearance.

Wonderful room separator

Room separators are fabulous in the sense that it creates dedicated spaces without making the rooms look cramped. Thin panels of wood form a curtain and shelves within these provide for a suitable space for displaying collectibles.

Compact kitchen

Small kitchens must be designed in such a manner that they look elegant while being functional. One of the biggest challenges is storage space and here the designers have addressed it well by adding cabinets adequately. Using a black and white contrast is perfect as it does not overwhelm the space.

Interesting doors

Instead of using the plain old regular doors, the designers have used a pattern for the doors. While one features etched glass, the other has an intricate and impressive design in contrasting colours. The floor and the contrasting colours make for a perfect vision in this space.

Modest dining area

Sometimes all you need in a room is clever furniture that features a simplistic design. Here, the simple glass table has been complemented with a buffet counter. The counter looks complete thanks to the shelves that have been added above.

Stylish bedroom

Using the traditional colours of wood, this room looks complete thanks to the addition of the wardrobe on either side. Simple fabric blinds soften the look of the room. Also, a small attic has been included in the design to make the room effective.

Contrasting tones

The other bedroom has also been designed to look simple yet attractive. The room features a two-toned wardrobe which looks sophisticated while being effective and functional. Sliding doors ensure that the room does not look restricted.

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