Splendid interiors for this home in Hyderabad

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Splendid interiors for this home in Hyderabad

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by Inside Element
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The luxury of space is definitely an advantage and in this Hyderabad home, you can see how the interior designers and decorators of Inside Element have created magic. Larger spaces can be tough as you need to lay emphasis on the design without overwhelming or underwhelming the spacious interiors. Luxurious textures and ‘larger than life’ artwork can go a long way in changing the way the interiors look. Another critical aspect of this home’s interiors is the use of large chandeliers and attractive lighting fixtures. Also, the designers have stuck to subtle tones and shades for the walls. This has allowed the design to shine through giving the home its elegance and style.

Superior look

The flooring gives a wonderful look to the entire room. The glossy finish of the tile adds beauty to the colours and the design that is featured in here. Wood has been used extensively here to create a contrast. A combination of light fixtures has been used in this room to create the right mood and look. For instance, the deer heads get an ethereal look when the lights are turned on. The colours in the room have been kept neutral and subtle.

Stylish and impressive

Using an entire wall to make an impression is the right way to go. Here, a low sofa sits against the grey textured wall. The soft pale pink colour of the sofa is unusual and it has been contrasted well with the soft rug below. Similarly, the wall has been adorned with two large posters and since the designers are dealing with tall ceilings, they have added another style statement. The lighting is attractive as a bunch of bulbs hangs low from the ceiling.

Colours and accents

In this sitting room design, the designers have added a charming mural effect. The colours and the contrasts make for the perfect accent in this subtle room. A lovely console table sits against the wall and this can serve as a wonderful place to place your keys and essentials as you walk into the house. Here again, the designers have used unusual lighting fixtures to make a statement. The central light replicates the solar system and is rich look comes from the dark wood colour that has been used. Apart from this soft tea lights on the floor and accent lights in the ceiling throw a wonderful glow around the room. 

Exceptional 3D effect

Making an impression with your design is important. Here, a pattern that adorns the wall on one side is striking. To prevent monotony, the designers have added lights within the forms of strips and this adds to the beauty of it. The mural on the wall seems to have a 3-dimensional effect which is charming and unusual. Easy and Beautiful Ways of Painting a Stone Wall.

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