Two spacious houses in Goa with modern amenities

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Two spacious houses in Goa with modern amenities

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Two Houses in Goa 에클레틱 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by 4D Studio Architects and Interior Designers 에클레틱 (Eclectic)
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Imagine being able to rejuvenate and relax in a wonderful and quiet home in Goa! These homes are exactly that. Making use of the exceptionally large space, the homes feature everything you would want in a summer home. Wide open spaces, water features, modern amenities, and simplistic styling all contribute to homes that are charming, elegant, and natural. Making sure the home reflects the rustic and traditional tastes of the homeowners, the architects of 4D studio Architects and based out of London have created a sophisticated yet aesthetic home.

Grand view

This is a wonderful view of the pool and the outdoor space. There is a balance in the natural surroundings and manmade structures. The tall columns and the tiled roof make for an impressive design in these natural surroundings.   

Traditional style

A lovely sit out that looks out into the garden have been created here. This space is impressive as it sits above the swimming pool giving you a gorgeous view. Also, by combining old style chairs against simplistic and natural walls, the traditional look has been further enhanced. This style has been extended into the lawns too.

Modern living room

While the outside of the house features traditional looks and a simplistic style, you can see the inside is more modern. Straight lines, simplistic furniture that uses white for maximum impact and generous use of green plants has given this country style living room a tropical look. Large windows and doors keep the natural light and air coming in easily.

Aesthetic design

This water feature looks unique and unlike what you may see anywhere else. The large tank-like space has been finished using black granite and this gives the perfect contrast for all the plants. Unique and lovely cement and stone structures add dimension and texture to this lovely space in the garden.

Simplistic style

The entrance of the home is always unique as everyone has a different idea of welcome. Here, you can see the architects have used a simple method of adding steps which allow you to warm up to the home. Here, they have used a large stone pot and bamboo sticks as a piece of art. To balance it, a large planter sits on the other side. The heavy, deep and dark wood doors make for a perfect main door.

Breezy and tropical

The weather and feel of Goa call for an open and simple design. Nothing defines the beach as much as a four-poster bed with white muslin cloth coveralls. This gives the simple and rustic bedroom a royal and simplistic style. The bed itself is rustic but the columns all around give it an exceptional and luxurious feel. Large windows and wooden ceilings in white create an old-world charm that is hard to beat. Simple furnishings add beauty to this space.

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