The new Tshemba lodge by Johannesburg interior designers

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The new Tshemba lodge by Johannesburg interior designers

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Metaphor Design의  호텔
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Interior design firm Metaphor Design brings us our newest homify 360° discovery – but first, a little bit more about the professionals in charge.

Based in Johannesburg, Metaphor Design is the go-to for clients seeking bespoke interior designs in high-end residential, corporate and hospitality settings. This firm’s approach is a hands-on one, working alongside a range of professionals to fulfil the brief on each individual project. Ever since being established in 2012 by Lane Reeves, Metaphor Design has been expanding their portfolio via various projects (to the value of R250k and above) for a range of clients.

One of their newest achievements is Tshemba Lodge in Hoedspruit, a luxury lodge open to medical professionals in return for their services in the local clinics.

The brief? To curate a home instead of a lodge and ensure each of the nine bungalows offers a unique experience.The designs? A calm palette of organic textures to breathe fresh life into the interiors, alongside noteworthy furnishings that aid in top-notch relaxation such as king-size beds, elongated dining tables, plush sofas, and more.

But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself…

The dining room

To rest and rejuvenate is the main aim of these buildings – and of course socialising in an inviting space aids in a relaxing lifestyle.

Thus, the dining tables were custom made to perfectly fit with the curves of the buildings’ architecture. A decent dose of natural light filters indoors via the generous glass doors and windows. And inside, a soft earthy colour scheme ensures an inviting ambience. 

The main entrance and garden

Alongside the soft colours, strong character and detail is ensured via organic textures and patterns, like the coat rack and rustic bench greeting one in the main entryway. 

The lounge

High-quality furniture pieces were crucial to ensure a first-rate living experience – case in point, the curved sofas that were custom made to:

a) fit in with the curves of the building, and 

b) creatively close off the lounge area from the adjoining cooking / dining ones. 

Individual bungalows

To further enhance residents’ comfort, each of the nine bungalows sports an en-suite bathroom, private lounge, and deck. Both king-size and twin bed options are available, each of which has been carefully personalised by colour. 

The beds’ slipcovers have been hand-stitched and specially dyed to work with the unique and personalised colour schemes, while the exteriors of each bungalow have been painted in a bold colour.

The bathrooms

One can clearly see the curvy design carried through into the bathrooms, perfectly complementing the other furniture pieces and façades. And just notice how the warm wooden vanity contrasts with the cooler grey walls. 

And just like the socialising spaces, the bathrooms are also privy to a healthy dose of sunshine.

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