The ‘before’ and ‘after’ styles of House Strubenkop

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The ‘before’ and ‘after’ styles of House Strubenkop

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Nuclei Lifestyle Design의  주택
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Pretoria-based architectural firm Nuclei Lifestyle Design brings us our newest ‘before and after’ piece, with their project entitled ‘House Strubenkop’. As a vibrant team of architects, designers and technicians, Nuclei Lifestyle Design has been in the industry for more than three decades – and in that time has ensured themselves an ever-growing portfolio and devoted collection of clientele. 

Taking great pride in catering to their clients’ unique wants and needs, Nuclei Lifestyle Design‘s areas of expertise range from luxurious residential homes and corporate offices to retail environments. 

Let’s see what they envision for this (soon-to-be) super modern, upmarket family home…  

Exterior view – north elevation (after)

The envisioned look for the new house's northern side beautifully shows off the structure's elongated design, immediately conjuring up visions of spacious interiors and a luxurious lifestyle. But let's not overlook the picturesque trimmings of the exteriors, especially not the lush plants / trees and immaculately manicured garden.

Exterior view – north elevation (before)

But in order to appreciate the professionals’ vision for the new look we must also take into consideration what they are working with – a.k.a. the ‘before’ space. 

As we can see, the house originally had the elongated look, albeit with a more vintage-like design that made it much more fitting for the 80s and 90s.

A new century deserves a fresh makeover! 

Exterior view – entertainment area (before)

We zoom in on the outside socialising space (the terrace / patio). The old one, even though pleasantly spacious, still seemed stuck in time!

Exterior view – entertainment area (after)

Now this is much better! Still enjoying a super spacious layout, luxurious add-ons will ensure the new entertainment space is never without a dull moment. Which is your favourite? The covered seating area? The garden trimmings? How about the splash pool?

Exterior view – pool (before)

Speaking of pool, the original house enjoyed quite the welcoming (and much bigger) swimming pool, located below the previously seen exterior entertainment area. But what will it look like once these professionals are done with it?

Exterior view – pool (after)

Positively elegant! The pool is exactly where it always was, only now this pool-party hot spot is conveniently linked with the upstairs entertainment area. And look how it seems bigger thanks to the relocation of the lush flora!

Let’s indulge in a few more ‘before and after’ pics to further inspire some daydreaming about what this family home will look like…

Exterior view – perspective view across pool (before)

Exterior view – perspective view across pool (after)

Exterior view – entertainment area (before)

Exterior view – entertainment area (after)

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