Modern interior spaces from an impressive Chennai home

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Modern interior spaces from an impressive Chennai home

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Aikaa Designs의  다이닝 룸
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Modern spaces are designed for those with contemporary tastes. Also, if you prefer having a home that is current yet accommodates all your traditional needs, then this is the kind of space you need. This home has been effectively designed and executed by the interior designers and decorators of Aikaa designs of Chennai. One of the most striking features of the home’s design is the use of subtle and neutral colours. Adding another layer of interest, the designers have used smart and elegant lighting to beautify the rooms.

Wood extravaganza

You can see an emphasis on the use of wood everywhere in the room. The wood has been complemented by subtle shades. The simplistic styling along with the use of interesting artwork has given the room a unique identity. A half counter between the dining area and the kitchen acts as a breakfast counter.

Simple yet charming

This is a perfect setup for a living room. When you are working with a smaller space, always choose furniture styles that are simple and elegant. A ledge works as the perfect ‘mount’ for a TV. Using a low centre table allows you to work on the same while using it for other purposes too. Adding a few strips of wood on the wall behind the TV gives the design consistency.

Modern dining table

This is a great design as it combines greys with black and white to create a wonderful look. The fairly broad table is unusual but it works great when you have a lot of gatherings and get-togethers. The circular cubicles provided in the wall seem to break up the monotony of the white walls. It also provides for an ideal space for the homeowners to display what they appreciate.

Contemporary design

Wood floors and elegant use of space has given this bedroom a striking look. The floor-to-ceiling sheer drapes add a comfortable, cosy and delicate touch to this space. The wall behind the headboard has been designed in a combination of abstract patterns reflecting the colours used on the wardrobe. 

Cool wardrobe design

The wardrobe is most unusual in terms of choice of colour and design. It has been custom designed to suit the needs of the homeowners. The grey is a wonderful choice and the designers have used a white trim to give it the right effect. The low bed and the attached side tables make the space perfect.

Serene bedroom

This is a bedroom that looks elegant and sophisticated. The white trim is a constant as the wood panels have also been broken up by the same. A wood headboard adorns the wall behind the bed. 

pleasing parallel kitchen

Using both sides of the kitchen. The designers have given a spacious feel to this kitchen. Equipping it to suit the needs of the homeowners, they have added shelves and cabinets that are functional and effective.

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