Fashionable kitchens from Bangalore homes

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Fashionable kitchens from Bangalore homes

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모던스타일 주방 by The KariGhars 모던
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A home is hardly a home without a kitchen! This is that space in a house where tasty and wholesome meals are prepared with much love and care. Whether you like whipping up healthy breakfasts for your partner here, or have fun with the kids as they help you to bake muffins, the kitchen is where the heart of a home is. So, today, we will take you through some trendy and beautifully planned kitchens in Bangalore that will inspire you for sure. Their layouts, lighting, as well as furniture design show how a kitchen can be aesthetic and practical at the same time. The credit for these fabulous kitchens goes to the interior designers and decorators at The Karighars

Lively in white and yellow

This modern kitchen has lots of space and the fancy false ceiling wows with its cove lighting. The splash of yellow on some of the cabinets livens up the open kitchen and contrasts the whiteness. We love the stylish pendant lamps over the grey countertop and the wood and steel bar stools. The latest appliances have been accommodated smartly to make cooking sessions simple. 

Elegance in wood

Classy wooden cabinets and intelligent niches for appliances make this open kitchen a wonderfully warm sight. The island is fitted with drawers and accompanied by a couple of stylish highchairs in wood. The lighting is ample and the kitchen furniture is in sync with the ornate dining space furniture. 

Chic and bright affair

The inverted E-shaped counter layout makes this kitchen convenient as well as sensible. Bright ceiling lights and modern appliances add to the comfort factor for sure. But what steals the show is the splash of bold red on some of the cabinets. 

Simple and cosy space

This classic style kitchen boasts of a cosy wood and cream palette and a U-shaped layout. Soothing yet sufficient lighting allows you to cook, prep and wash up with ease. The wooden cabinets offer tons of storage space while those with glass doors allow you to see what’s inside. 

Stunning in white

Sleek lines, a neat layout and generous use of white makes this kitchen a spacious and welcoming affair. Well-designed niches accommodate the fridge, oven, microwave, hood and more, while a long countertop with drawers below make working here a dream. 

Lighting and texture

Rendered in soft and sober tones, this trendy kitchen uses smart under-cabinet and floor lighting for a unique look. The backsplashes feature textured tiles and the rose wall art is a lovely touch. The floor boasts of veined marble. 

Modern with a unique touch

This kitchen impresses onlookers with bright and sober walls, glossy cabinets and the latest appliances. But what helps it stand out is the wooden cladding around the entrance. The tall glass shelf to the left has shelves accentuated with green lighting and is perfect for displaying expensive glassware. 

Pretty touches for a spacious kitchen

Tons of space, a neat layout and smooth red cabinets make this modern kitchen perfect for cooking up hearty meals every day. The entrance however catches our eye with the solid wooden cladding and the red niches that hold Buddha figurines, a vase and some flowers.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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