Stylish office space in New Delhi

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Stylish office space in New Delhi

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Design Essentials의  서재 & 사무실, 인더스트리얼
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This office located in NSP Delhi is the result of planning and hard work by Design Essentials, Interior Designers & Decorators in New Delhi. The brief was to design a stylish, modern office that was to be spacious as well as welcoming. The client was looking for something minimal, but not industrial style design. Let’s take a look at the modern design and décor of this office, which is sure to give you some inspiration if you are looking to redesign your corporate space. 

Open workspace

The floor plan of the office has been created in a way that offers maximum open workspace. Today’s offices are more about an open working culture and this office is just that. The high ceiling with hanging lamps gives off enough light. The small cafeteria corner has a desk with green chairs for an informal meeting. The wall partition of this space has a map of the world, which offers the perfect motivation for employees.

Modern design

The office has been designed to give it a corporate feel but also ensuring the work environment is open and inviting. This is an important aspect of corporate design because both clients and employees need to be happy. We begin with the entrance that leads us t the reception desk. The wooden partition with laser cut design looks stylish. The comfortable waiting area and the designer desk give off an inviting vibe.

Stylish materials

The interior décor uses modern stylish materials to create a warm and inviting space. These partial partitions of frosted glass are in line with the client’s request for an open office space. The comfortable chairs are lined up against workstations made of polished wood. The concealed lighting in the ceiling gives the office a very futuristic look. The indoor plantation helps in breaking the monotony of wood, tiles and lighting.

Design goals

This is the main cabin and we are in love with the design. The earthy carpet matches the furnishings. The comfortable armchairs offer an informal space for talks and discussions. The stylish desk is made of wood with a metal base. The ceiling has a stylish design made up of wooden columns that extends onto one of the main walls. On the side is a map of the world, which is the right kind of motivation for the owner of the company. The stylish oval lamp hanging over the main desk is definitely a unique pick for this office. 

Exquisite design

Upon closer look at the office, we can see the beautiful detailing and craftsmanship that has gone into designing this office. The extensive use of wood gives it a very corporate look, but with a touch of modern design. The primary source of light is the hanging lamp, which is accompanied by the individual light fittings in the ceiling. This is the perfect location for the owner to think about growth and strategy, while enjoying some really great design.

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