Rustic-themed Interior Design in this Restaurant in Hyderabad

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Rustic-themed Interior Design in this Restaurant in Hyderabad

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러스틱 스타일 바 & 클럽 by Saloni Narayankar Interiors 러스틱 (Rustic)
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This restaurant in Hitec City has a beautiful, rustic design. Designed by Saloni Narayankar Interiors in Hyderabad, the restaurant embodies a warm, homely feeling. The entire interiors were designed, conceptualised and created by this Interior Designer & Decorators team. The restaurant has indoor as well as outdoor seating, allowing diners to choose from both options. Let’s take a tour of this charming restaurant. 

The first Impression of the Restaurant

At first glance, the restaurant is quite impressive. We love its colour scheme that uses a combination of earth tones with a few shades of mustard. It creates a very homely, comforting experience for diners. The seating arrangement includes chairs and sofas as well as Indian style seating.

A close up

A close up of the seating space shows us this fantastic arrangement. Low wooden chairs, with jute weaving, are placed on both sides of the table. Colourful pillows are added to the chairs for comfort. Unlike most restaurants, the tables and chairs are placed at a lower level to recreate home-style dining. The grey ceiling has ample lighting to illuminate the dining area.  

A variety of seating arrangements

As we already saw, the restaurant has quite a few different types of seating. The indoor area is air-conditioned to create a cool and comfortable dining environment. The cast iron lamps hanging from the ceiling offer elegant lighting. There are also in-built lighting fixtures placed throughout the ceiling.  

Open air seating

As you step outside, you will see that the section at the back of the restaurant has been converted into an outdoor seating area. A beautiful mural of a tree is painted on one wall.  The use of bricks in the flooring creates a rustic, dhabba style look. The walls have been painted yellow to create a bright, happy setting.

Gorgeous details

Here, the seating arrangement includes wooden benches on one side and wooden chairs on the other.  A glass window provides a view of the indoor dining area. This particular patch of the wall has been left exposed to give it the rustic feel of village style dining.  The chevron pattern on the flooring has been made with bricks to complement the  rustic walls.

Dining under the stars

A set of wooden double doors leads into the restaurant. There is a beautiful tree with a brick planter in the centre of the outdoor section. There is ample space in the open area, so guests can even move around while waiting for a table. The open air creates a relaxing atmosphere and makes dining here a lot more fun. The restaurant has been designed to offer diners an invigorating dining experience, which will take them back to their childhood.  

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