Cadorin: Tradition and Innovation for Timeless Wood Flooring

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Cadorin: Tradition and Innovation for Timeless Wood Flooring

Giuseppe Solinas – homify Giuseppe Solinas – homify
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Finding the right flooring for each room of the house it can be a difficult task, as the choices in terms of design and materials have to fit perfectly with the layout of the house, its interior design and furniture.

The answer can be found in the high quality wood flooring offered by Cadorin, one of best European wood planking producers and a pioneer with more than 30 years of experience in creating three-layer solid wood planking. The three-layer solid wood planks replace the solid wood plank in single layer.

Cadorin offers the best modules planks in the market, thanks to an innovative production system that allows for the complete customisation of the flooring to the needs and features of the house.

Recognised by the designers for its versatility and wide array of design solutions, the Chevron 45o parquet floor, called also Hungarian point or French Herringbone, which is brushed with Dolomia Grey finishes, guarantees the outstanding results we are going to explore together in this Ideabook.

1. The Dolomia Grey finishing

With a vast range of grey nuances, the Dolomia Grey finishing created by Cadorin reproduces the look of the fine Dolomia Stone, directly applied on the brushed European oak planks, bringing about a classic, timeless appeal to the house flooring.

Cadorin revolutionary herringbone installation system represents a disrupting approach, which has switched from the traditional installation of small wood planks for much larger planks that bring to flooring a more contemporary feel and enable interior designer and architects more freedom and a wide open range of possibilities.

2. Quality and sustainable wood

The Modules Plank collection is characterised by the rich diversity of material offered and the high quality of the woods utilised by Cadorin. Wood is already among the most sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials for house building, but Cadorin as also set in place a production system that follows the most advanced standards of sustainability.

The wood is produced within a short distance from Cadorin production premises, thus reducing transport-related pollution, every step of its production is certified and traceable: the whole cycle follows the highest green and eco-friendly production standards available.

3. Three-layer solid wood planking

Cadorin proprietary production system of three-layer wood planking modules enables a tailor-made flooring process, both technically efficient, durable and aesthetically stunning.

The whole production cycle takes place in the Italian premises of Cadorin: the upper layer is constituted by a single wooden plank 4.5 to 5 mm thick, the central insertion is made up of transversal strips of spruce, while the lower level is made with larch or with the same solid wood of the superficial layer: this three level, crossed structure guarantees the perfect balance of the planks.

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