The Perfect Workspace Design with Stylish Interiors and Modern Décor

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The Perfect Workspace Design with Stylish Interiors and Modern Décor

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Saloni Narayankar Interiors의  서재 & 사무실, 모던
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Today, we tour the Symbiosis Project by Saloni Narayankar Interiors, which showcases the smart interiors of an office. The team of Interior Designers & Decorators from Hyderabad have outdone themselves with this project. The entire workspace has been designed to foster an environment of teamwork. The monochrome shades used in the design are exemplary, and the overall design makes the client’s vision come true. Let’s start our tour! 

The overall view

The first view of the office gives us an indication of how spacious the trendy office is. The open floor layout contains multiple workstations, which are spread out over the entire floor area. The grey metallic ceilings give the office a futuristic look.  

A unique look

The ceiling design continues throughout the area. Here, we have a corner for the supervisor. A separate wood desk is placed here, along with a chair and other accessories. The books on the shelves are used for reference by all the employees.  

Team space

The office space has multiple team workspaces, aimed at creating an environment of collaboration, as required by the client. This particular space has a two-level round table, with a set of chairs. The small meeting room is separate from the main workspace to create a private and cosy area.  

The office cabin

This is an office cabin, which has been decorated to reflect the style and interests of its occupant. The wood flooring and furniture give it a regal air. A white desk is placed in the corner, with accompanying chairs.  

Stylish workspace

The workspace also includes sufficient storage for all materials. These consist of files, paperwork, reference books and everything else required in the office. The sliding doors enhance the accessibility of the storage.  

The conference area

This conference room is reserved for teleconference meetings. It is equipped with a TV where one can set up presentations or other media. A hanging light illuminates the table quite well. The conference room also has windows throughout its periphery.  

Classy corner

This cosy corner in the office can easily be used for some quiet time or a break. It is essential to have a place to unwind in the office to prevent burnouts while working, and sometimes, all an employee needs is a ten-minute break to recharge. The white couch and TV offer the perfect place for it.  

Office space with a twist

The office is quite large and hence, the need for multiple conference rooms. Although most offices choose to have one or two, this office has numerous conference rooms to facilitate as many meetings as possible at the same time. This conference room has been designed to ensure that collaboration is at its highest. The wood desk spans the entire area.

Last look

The gorgeous wooden desk was custom made to fit into the conference room. The stylish white chairs add a fantastic, modern vibe. The partial blinds allow the employees to control the amount of natural light in the room. A projector has been placed in a holder suspended from the ceiling. The whiteboard is positioned to project the image and allow the team members to write on it while presenting an idea.

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