3D Elevation Plan of a Bungalow in Selangor

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3D Elevation Plan of a Bungalow in Selangor

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Stunning is the word that best describes the design of this modern bungalow in Selangor created by the architect of LI A’ Alaf in Shah Alam. The most impressive aspect about this home is that it blends natural and man-made elements to create a cohesive and fluid design. It guarantees to impress anyone, and if you are looking at designing a house that can wipe away the stress of modern-day life, then this is the one to choose!  

Bird’s eye view

The spectacular view from above immediately draws our eyes towards the twin swimming pools. The greenery all around, including trees and lawns, combine well with the simple yet stylish design of the house to create the perfect environment for the family to enjoy.  

Open and Modern

When viewed from this angle, we get a better idea of the design style. The clean lines and open design helps to focus all the attention on the natural beauty of the surroundings. The exterior of the modern house has been kept modest with the idea of highlighting the view of the outdoors.   

Charming entrance

From the driveway leading to the house, we can see the prominent sloping roofs, which give the home a unique identity. The combination of rustic elements and earthy tones keeps the look minimalist yet striking. The barn-like look is perfect as it blends traditional features with modern design.  

Combination of elements

A mix of stone and wood is always beautiful as it enhances the aesthetics of a house. What works here is the proportions in which they have been used. Wood features in the frame for the simple roof over the veranda, while stone has been used for the steps. The glass doors keep the entire room open to views of the outside, creating the feel of being in the midst of nature even when seated indoors.  

Attention to detail

Every small aspect has been designed with care to ensure that the home perfectly blends modernity with nature. For instance, the pathway leading to the house features a charming green top. Similarly, the grass cover all around contrasts the muted modern elements superbly. The veranda and the trellis wall that provides privacy to the home sport a contemporary look and feel.  

Dramatic entrance

The entrance to the home is unique with the unusual design and texture of the exterior walls and the lovely canopy of green that extends along the entrance path leading from the car park to the house. It creates a stunning contrast between the natural and artificial elements of the design.  

Minimalist and stylish

Overall, the design of the house may be minimalist, but it doesn’t compromise on sophistication. The sloping roof combined with columns that support the house create a natural and modern look for the home. What enhances its style is the greenery all around.

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