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What comes to mind when we mention “mid-century décor”? Classic furnishings? Elegant lifestyles? There is definitely something luxuriously vintage about the mid-century style, yet it’s not for everyone. But if you still want to indulge with a touch of classic design in your home without having to buy new furnishings, may we suggest mid-century lighting? 

Placed perfectly between chic and trendy, mid-century lighting designs ensure sophistication without overthrowing one’s entire interiors. Plus, a mid-century lighting fixture in an otherwise modern / minimalist space can just as easily stand out as it can blend in seamlessly – it all depends on the colours, textures, and patterns involved.

For top-notch mid-century lighting fixtures, Luxury Chandelier is a classic choice. Based in Bracknell, this team of lighting professionals make it their mission to (literally) dazzle up London, the rest of the UK, plus international destinations as well. Regardless of your home’s interior style or the room in question, Luxury Chandelier can offer a wealth of choices to kick your illumination up a notch. 

Let’s take a look at some choice mid-century lighting designs by Luxury Chandelier


In addition to being perfectly practical, pendants also make a personal design statement. They are most commonly seen above kitchen islands and dining room tables and work best when properly hung with appropriate spacing between each fixture. 

Out-of-the-box thinkers even try to replace bathroom vanity lighting with cleverly placed pendants to ensure a most unique look! 

Chrome chandeliers

Chrome chandeliers are not as popular as pendants, seeing as they are trickier to decorate. The main issue is that chrome chandeliers tend to demand attention wherever they are hung, leading to the rest of the room’s furnishings and décor becoming less prominent. 

However, there is no denying the otherworldly charm the right chrome chandelier can ensure for the right room. Our tip would be to add a few mirrors to the space to enhance that chrome effect. 

Modern chandelier

It sounds weird to use the words “modern” and “chandelier” in the same sentence. But rest assured that modern chandeliers are quite in vogue at the moment due to their stylish look-at-me designs. 

Modern floor lamp

Don’t overlook floor lamps, for they can be just as versatile as chandeliers and pendants in terms of size, colour, and texture. Modern floor lamps made from chrome or stainless steel ensure a super contemporary touch in a room, whilst those made from wood bring a certain natural, raw edge to the surroundings. 

homify hint: Combine your modern floor lamp with striking wallpaper and/or colours for an eye-catching mid-century look. 

Minimal designs

Sleek. Minimal. Less is more. These are all keywords associated with minimal designs, yet are far from dull or under styled. Even a minimalist floor lamp can flaunt an intricate look with its shape and colour. Minimalist lighting fixtures with a hint of boldness via colour or texture will add a hint of vivaciousness to a space. And how about having a minimal pendant dangling in front of a bold-coloured wall? That is sure to bring out the vibrancy and character of the fixture. 

One of the many elements that define mid-century décor is sleekness. Thus, to experiment with the mid-century look in a soft way is to bring in a sleek and minimalist-style lighting fixture, whether it’s a floor lamp or a pendant. 

Glass pendants

Glass pendant lights, one of the more popular choices, can vary from subtle, clear glass up-lighters to uniquely shaped orbs of coloured glass. And you can bet that there’s a wealth of options when it comes to the ideal glass pendant for your home, regardless of its interior décor style. 

homify hint: Many older-style lighting fixtures, including mid-century ones, incorporate the use of LED bulbs, which offer plenty of light for a much better operating cost than incandescent. This ensures a product that is practical as well as beautiful.

Classic chandelier

As the name suggests, a classic design brings a touch of class to any room. And even more so if that design is the chandelier that’s dangling right in the centre of the space where it’ll be one of the first elements to notice upon entering – the ideal statement piece. 

No matter if it’s the kitchen or the hallway, winter or summer, the 1930's or the year 2050, a classic chandelier will always remain a timeless choice! 

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