Beautiful and functional design for a 1200 sq ft home in Pune

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Beautiful and functional design for a 1200 sq ft home in Pune

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Homagica Services Private Limited의 현대 , 모던
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A home becomes cosy and visually arresting when it combines trendy designs with smart space utilisation techniques. This two-bedroom Pune residence does precisely that, and the credit goes to the interior designers and decorators at Homagica Services. The professionals made clever use of the 1200 sq ft floor area to include beautiful and comfortable furniture without crowding the home. Stylish lights and elegant wall decor add to the appeal of the residence. The colour scheme is mostly neutral with wooden elements that lend warmth to the interiors. The daughter’s bedroom is the exception with vibrant and lively tones. So, let’s take the tour to gather some interior design ideas. 

Bright and lively living

Soft cream hues dominate this contemporary living space, but the L-shaped sofa with sunny yellow upholstery livens up things effortlessly. The coffee table and side table are small and chic pieces that complete the elegant and modern look. Note how the delicately patterned wallpaper and the bold artwork lend personality to the space. The beautiful pendant lamps in the middle of the ceiling draw attention as well.

A different perspective

The minimalist wooden TV unit complements the rest of the living space nicely, as you can see here. Beige curtains ensure a relaxed ambience, and we also love the open-plan layout, which increases communication. The chef can pop in whenever he or she pleases from the kitchen to mingle with the guests.

Cosy and elegant bedroom

The use of dark wood in this stylish bedroom gives it a warm and cosy feel. The expansive wardrobe takes care of all storage needs and extends to the corner where it meets a window seat. The bed is luxurious with its tufted backrest, and the blue bed linen provides a stunning contrast. Bright white lights on the ceiling bathe the whole room with illumination and improve visibility in every corner.

Trendy TV unit

This fashionable TV unit, which is rendered in dark wood and white, goes well with the rest of the bedroom. We love how the shelves under the TV panel are designed to accommodate books and other accessories. 

A bit of magic for the princess

The daughter’s bedroom charms onlookers with soft lighting and a cosy bed with a pink and yellow headboard. The same colour scheme has been replicated in the storage units on both sides of the bed. A wall decal depicting flowers and butterflies give this room a magical and whimsical feel.

Vibrant study station

Splashes of yellow and pink add pizzazz to the trendy and neat study station for the daughter. There is ample storage for books, craftwork, gadgets, and even toys in the cabinets and drawers! A bright light has been fixed under the overhead cabinets to provide ample illumination for reading.

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