Modern Office Design in Gurugram

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Modern Office Design in Gurugram

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Matter Of Space Pvt. Ltd.의  회사, 모던
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Modern offices need to be smart spaces. Even small offices should have a sense of design that reflects the ethos of the company. In this stylish office space, you can see the sense of balance that has been created by the interior designers and decorators of Matter of Space Pvt. Ltd.Gurugram. Soft and neutral colours have been used all around the office to reflect the subtle sense of style that the owners prefer. Similarly, the use of a few elegant accents highlights the beauty of the space. 

Elegant display wall

While a display wall might not serve any function, these walls can be used to showcase achievements, awards or acknowledgements that the business may have received. This wall does not look bulky or decorative thanks to the simple styling. A minimalist approach that combines white with straight lines, gives this area a smart and sophisticated look.

Linear design

Just the right amount of design features is what you need in a simple office. Here, the meeting room is equipped with tons of chairs and an elongated table. Both the designs have been kept simple and stylish. While the chairs look comfortable, the thin table gives a trendy and modern look to the room. The stark white in the room is perfect against the dark colour floor and furniture. Besides aesthetics, the conference room also includes functional elements such as writing boards, low-maintenance veneer on tabletop and flap ups for electrical points. 

Exceptional lobby design

The lobby needs to be designed with care, as first impressions are made here.  The large alphabets spelling out the name of the company look magical against the simple white backdrop. The circular display shelf behind the desk is ideal as it complements the look.

Small meeting areas

Small meeting rooms are essential in offices as they allow for teams to meet privately. This design makes optimal use of space. The lighting is modern and functional. The large rectangular lights suspended from the ceiling offer excellent illumination for those working within the room. The wood floor adds warmth to the area.

Inviting pantry

Employees need a place to recharge, and the pantry provides just that. The area is modern and bright. The choice of two-colour laminates is perfect as they balance each other quite well. While one wall features the counter and the appliances, the others have been used to create seating. The bright green wall with a vertical garden and a pattern created by MDF strips perfectly complement to the rest of the room.

Subtle and elegant seating

Here, we see a stylish setup for the waiting area. The soft grey colour of the sofa spells subtle and understated elegance. It is complemented by the lovely black frames on the wall that showcase the company’s work. An MDF jali partition provides a bit of privacy.

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