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Professional Landscaping and Playground Design in Ahmedabad

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by Monoceros Interarch Solutions 모던
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Living in the city comes with its disadvantages. People miss natural landscapes and open spaces, which adults and children can enjoy. Today, we look at a beautiful area that has been designed to please adults and children alike. Unique design ideas for the playground combined with lovely landscaping has helped the interior designers and decorators of Monoceros Interarch SolutionsAhmedabad to transform this area. What’s worth a special mention is the use of plants in the centre of the children’s activity areas, which makes it perfect for day-outings planned for families or schools. 

Grand gateway

Here, we see the modest yet charming entrance to the area. The prominent signboard announces the name of the park along with simple guidance boards that help to guide people to the different areas within it. A combination of simple colours such as red, green and white ensures that the information is visible even from a distance. 

Play area

What can be more fun than to watch little children enjoying a day out with their favourite play equipment? They can build strength and test their energy levels to the maximum with the fun equipment, which have been installed well away from the perimeter of the ground to ensure maximum safety. The bright colours of the equipment amid the beautiful garden add an eyecatching element. Benches have been conveniently placed nearby to allow those accompanying to rest their feet.

Creative playscape

The designers have used their best creative minds to come up with challenging and exciting playscape ideas. For instance, this is an excellent and straightforward set-up that requires children to use the ropes to climb the mound. Also, rustic logs in numerous sizes can engage them for hours as they jump and hop from one to another.

Wonderful view

Everything looks better with greenery all around. Here, the play area has a beautiful natural border thanks to shrubs and other plants that have been chosen for the purpose. The brightly painted play area is easy to identify making it safe for children. Large trees have been planted on the outer periphery adding lushness to the landscape.

Train rides

There are hardly any children (and adults too!) who do not like train rides. This adorable track has been created for a toy train that chugs around the entire park. When the little ones tire themselves from playing, the train ride will give them a brief respite before they are ready to play again. Flowering plants all along the path make the train ride even more enjoyable.

Fun and frolic

Throwing out exciting physical challenges is the best way to keep kids engaged. That way, it helps them not only to use their time well but also to grow physically and mentally. A small green area has been designed with logs that allow them to test their physical strength. Hanging from these posts can be fun and exhilarating.

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