Stylish façade design for an Apartment in Virar, Mumbai

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Stylish façade design for an Apartment in Virar, Mumbai

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During the process of building or renovating, it’s entirely reasonable to be worried about the design, the size of the home, and the planning of the square footage inside it. What is also necessary is to look at the overall aesthetics of the building. It is more relevant for apartments as one often cannot differentiate one exterior from the other. Architects understand the role that the façade plays in creating a design that impresses from the first glance. In the apartment in Virar, Mumbai that we will look at today, Hardik Patil Architects have paid close attention to the aesthetics to make it striking.

Majestic presence

Architecture gives immense importance to both form and function. It is important to have functionality at the core, but it is equally critical to emphasise form. After all, first impressions are significant. Colour is an essential aspect of designing the exterior facade. Here, the designers have picked a rustic wood effect to complement the earthy shades that have been used. By utilising it to highlight certain angles, the beauty of the modern house is enhanced. Another smart idea is the use of landscaping. Adding plants along the entire extension of the front facade elevates the look further.

Balance in the form and size

Exterior design can be a challenge, especially if the property is situated in a busy locality. It is essential to keep with the overall aesthetics of the surroundings. However, it is also necessary to design the property so that it stands out from the rest. This apartment is balanced in terms of shape and size, which automatically contributes to its curb appeal. The use of large trees to border the property enhances the air quality while adding to the beauty of the apartment exterior. 

Well-planned features

Window design is vital for commercial spaces, but openness can interfere with the privacy of residential units. Here, the architects have managed the issue well by placing the commercial part of the property in front. The planters and the greenery above the retail section on the ground level creates a separation from the residential apartments above.

Interesting patterns

Patterns are a critical aspect of design. By using the right profiles and combining them with other elements, the architects have created highlights in the facade. Wood panels have been used effectively to contrast the stark walls in the background. The subtle and understated tones help to achieve a sophisticated and elegant look. By planning an even number of stores and windows in the front, the façade looks symmetrical and balanced.

Fabulous façade design

When architects plan the façade of an apartment, they always seek to balance the composition. In this case, the units that face outward have spacious balconies that create a similar design for each apartment, contributing to consistency in the overall look. A trellis at the top of the roof adds a distinctive feature, besides filtering the sunlight on the open terrace in front of the building.

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