Modern Interiors in a Stylish Home in Bangalore

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Modern Interiors in a Stylish Home in Bangalore

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by U and I Designs 모던
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The interiors of homes say a lot about its residents. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to execute the design despite knowing what the homeowner’s preference is. Which is why getting professional help makes a huge difference. These simple yet stunning home interiors have been customised by the interior designers and decorators of U and I Designs in Bangalore. While it may seem like any other modern home, what has distinguished it from others is the style and look of the interiors, especially the unique design elements.

Attractive False Ceilings

False ceilings are an excellent way of adding a designer look to a home. One can choose from elaborate designs to something modest. Here, we can see that the designers have stuck to creating a similar effect on both sides of the room. By adding lights, the room has a lovely glow.

Stylish TV Unit

Using wood as a primary element in the design is a great idea. It gives a certain warmth to the interiors and makes everything look sleek and sophisticated. This TV unit is a classic example. The rustic and earthy texture and colour of the wood panel work exceptionally well in the room. A simple ledge below adds functionality to the design.

Smart Design

Looking at the design from this angle, we can see how well it incorporates the needs of the client. An elongated cabinet in a contrasting colour makes the TV unit look perfect. The smoothness of the white cabinet contrasts the wood grain wonderfully. The panel has been customised to include electrical sockets making it incredibly functional.

Bright Kitchen

A combination of colours adds a dramatic effect in this kitchen. The mustard and green merge beautifully to give a balanced look to the relatively small space. The L-shaped countertop in black balances the bright colours. The minimalist yet smart design is perfect for a modern family.

Creative and Bright Bedroom

Designing cabinets, wardrobes, and other storage shelves may seem like an ordinary task, and the designers have made it look easy in this room. However, a lot of thought has gone into the design. By painting the wall in a sunny yellow, the white and wood-toned cabinets stand out against it.

Smart Design

The wardrobe combines a couple of different features, which work well in meeting the many needs that the client expects from the space. For instance, the open ledges on one side can be used to showcase photographs or artefacts, while the closed cabinet can be used to store clothes, books and other items. The loft cupboards add extra storage to keep the room clutter-free.

Charming Wardrobe Design

Using square sheets of ply, the designers have created an unusual yet striking design for the wardrobe. The combination of colours matches the shades that have been used in the room to add cohesiveness. 

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