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10 modern bathrooms with fabulous showers

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
모던스타일 욕실 by KUBE Architecture 모던
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We all know the benefits of showers and how they can help save legroom in a bathroom and make the entire space more practical. But let’s not forget that any bathroom, just like any other room in the home, must also possess a sturdy amount of visual splendor, i.e. beauty!

But what exactly makes a modern bathroom, particularly the shower in a modern bathroom, beautiful? That is really up to the eye of the beholder. However, factors that help to enhance a modern shower design’s visual aesthetics include:

• A sense of balance

• Lots of light (stumbling around in a gloomy shower stall is not anybody’s idea of fun)

• Beautiful touches such as contrasting lines, tile patterns, or color

• Clever add-ons that aid in functionality (i.e. wall niches for storage)

• Well-chosen accessories (such as gleaming faucets).

And don’t forget that, just like a staircase, a shower’s size and design can become a part of the décor and also flaunt any design in order to complement the rest of the space’s style – that is, if you make use of a proper professional, like a Bathroom Designer

Let’s get inspired by these 10 modern bathrooms that all flaunt stunning shower designs!

1. With its brilliant block design, this modern shower is an understated beauty.

And notice how those glass panes are almost invisible, allowing the shower area to become subtly part of the bathroom's design.

2. Inspired by a tranquil spa.

We love how this seamless shower enjoys its neutral colors and raw, natural appearance. And that lush garden view streaming indoors through the generous window doesn't hurt one bit! 

3. A neutral-tinted masterpiece.

Speaking of neutral colors, see how grays, off-whites, and beach beige flow together to give this bathroom some 21st century splendor.

4. Patterned prettiness.

Of course a modern shower doesn't have to be dull in appearance. That's why we love the idea of patterned and colored tiles adding a dose of character to this spacious open shower.

5. Be clever with your choice in materials.

Marvelous marble goes a long way to make this shower (and its adjoining tub area) become a visual delight.

6. Super functional.

Beauty only goes so far… That's why it's important to ensure your bathroom and shower remain as practical as possible. Case in point, this modern design with drawers, cubbies, and caddies ensuring heaps of storage areas everywhere.

7. A 2-in-1 design.

Of course it's possible to combine your shower and tub in one splendid layout. This keeps the one part of your bathroom's wet area conveniently closed off from the dry zone, aiding in not only a cleaner look and layout, but also easier maintenance / cleaning.

8. It’s not the size that counts…

근린생활시설 단독주택 모던스타일 욕실 by 집으로 모던

근린생활시설 단독주택


Isn't it amazing how this modern bathroom with its very limited legroom still manages to squeeze in a sublime 2-in-1 shower-and-tub combo? Notice how the tiles (in a subtle earthy tint and with a straightforward elongated design) flaunt a simple look so as not to overcrowd the small area.

9. Monochrome magic.

Now this is how you greet the day (or say goodbye to it every evening): with a super spacious shower zone that has all the required touches for functionality and style: an understated gray-on-white color tone, a comfy seating area, storage wall niche, plus patterned wall- and floor surfaces for a touch of visual character!

10. A cleanse with a view.

Last but not least, a modern shower that shows the age of shower curtains is far from over (when done stylishly, mind you). And let's not overlook that dreamy view and the batches of natural light streaming in through the window!

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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