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What to ask yourself before choosing an L-shaped kitchen

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
모던스타일 주방 by ZeroEnergy Design 모던
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Looking to maximize your kitchen’s space while keeping that delightful (and super modern) open design? Then you may want to consider the ever-present L-shaped layout, a fantastic option that is one of the most popular layouts (and for good reason, too). 

But before you call up a Kitchen Planner to give your cooking space a new look, first consider the basics…

What is an L-shaped kitchen?

An L-shaped kitchen has a layout that resembles the letter L. Usually, this layout features cooking- and cleaning appliances on one side of the L, and storage space on the other. 

For a kitchen to support this design, it needs to have at least one wall with cabinets, a sink, and other vital kitchen features. This section makes up one side of the L.

The other side, which is an adjacent wall or half wall, will feature counter space for cooking, prepping and baking. In a lot of cases, especially in modern-day homes, this side will be open to a living- or dining room. 

Many L-shaped kitchens also incorporate an island for extra food prepping space and storage. 

Now, before you deem the L-shaped layout as perfect for your next kitchen renovation, ask yourself the following: 

Question 1: How will I use my kitchen?

An L-shaped kitchen is ideal for large family dinners and households with more than one chef. However, if you’re passionate about entertaining on a regular basis, or like to experiment with recipes in the kitchen, perhaps consider a more open concept that can ensure more appliances and counter space. 

Question 2: How big is my space?

The L-shaped design works in most sizes, yet the smallest of small kitchens may benefit from another layout (such as a galley or U-shaped option that can better maximize limited space). 

If, however, you really want to opt for the L-shaped layout in your very small kitchen, be prepared to make some sacrifices (like losing an island).

Question 3: Is there adequate space in the middle of the room?

스칸디나비아 주방 by Maqet 북유럽

To have an island in your L-shaped kitchen, you require the right amount of legroom. Otherwise it can be tricky to incorporate a sink on that center island. Just keep in mind that a rectangular island might also work to make the most of your kitchen’s limited legroom. 

Question 4: What are my storage needs?

Whether you’re an avid collector of kitchen gadgets or you only have the basic essentials, your kitchen is going to have to help with storage space. 

For a variety of pots and pans, maybe consider adding a pot rack to free up the limited cabinets in your L-shaped kitchen. And should you choose to keep your clutter hidden, consider maximizing your wall cabinets (which might mean you’re going to need two full walls in your L-shaped design to make a huge difference in terms of storage potential). 

Question 5: Is there a doorway on the one wall?

Even with a doorway in the one wall can you enjoy an L-shaped kitchen. This is called a broken L-shape and can ensure numerous opportunities for unique designs. The height of the doorway allows you to add a tall wall of cabinets on the L’s one leg. And for the break of the L you can play with a variety of countertop materials. 

Don’t forget that you can also use your broken L-shaped layout to experiment with separate workstations for food prepping, cooking, and cleanup – an ideal option if your household has numerous cooks that like to get busy in the kitchen! 

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