Tips for Matching Your Interior When Picking Kitchenware

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The kitchen is the heart of the home for most families. It's where meals are prepared, after-school debriefs are undertaken, and possibly even where the family eats together. In this center-point of your household, it's vital to create a space that's aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, with a touch of your personality and style throughout. But once you've finished your perfect kitchen interior, finding the appliances and kitchenware to compliment your design can be tricky.

Whether you prefer subtle and neutral tones, bold, saturated hues, or a combination of the two, matching your kitchenware to your décor is essential for creating a cohesive space that the whole family can enjoy.

1. Identify your color palette

When designing (or redesigning) your kitchen, you will have spent plenty of time considering various color schemes and palettes. Identifying and considering the colors you used in your kitchen décor (including the cabinet doors, worktops, and even your refrigerator) will go a long way to helping you find kitchenware that looks great on the countertop.

Once you've noticed the colors that already exist in your kitchen, decide whether you would like your kitchenware to effortlessly blend with your kitchen units or add a colorful contrast.

Use a color wheel to see which colors will work well in the room. As a general rule, colors next to each other on the wheel will provide a calming and cohesive effect. Those opposite each other (complementary colors) will inject energy and excitement. 

2. Think about your materials

Choosing the right materials is essential in kitchen design. Whether your room is filled with dark woodwork, light marble, or lots of stainless steel can make a massive difference to the kitchen's overall feel and, therefore, influence what types of kitchenware will look best.

  • White goods look best with white or light grey cabinets
  • Stainless steel appliances go well with browns, vibrant colors, and/or greys

When picking your kitchenware, try to match the materials with what's already in your kitchen. For example, if you've gone for a modern look with lots of shiny metal, then rustic and wooden kitchenware is unlikely to produce a unified look.  

3. Select your 'room style'

The colors and materials in your kitchen will go some way to influencing the room style. However, it's the smaller details that really create the atmosphere. Even potted plants and tea towels should work towards a common goal! 

Select your kitchenware to match the feel you're trying to achieve, with some thought to the colors and materials already present. You should also think about what kitchenware you need on display, what can be hidden away, and where everything will go. 

Country Charm

A country charm styled kitchen interior prioritizes comfort and life. It will usually feature plenty of wooden accents. Color-wise, country charm kitchens will often incorporate bright primary colors – red, yellow, blue, etc. – or aged colors – cream, pale yellow, etc. – to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In these types of kitchens, you don't need to be stingy with your kitchenware. Fill your countertops with stylish yet traditional cookware such as a tagine pot, kettle, and coffee maker. Try hanging wooden utensils from your top cabinets, having mix-matched mugs on display, and a generous spice rack to create a lived-in feel. 

Modern and Minimalist

If your home is more sleek and stylish, with high-tech appliances and smooth materials, then you might prefer a more modern approach to kitchenware. In these kitchens, glossy pieces look fabulous in black, white, or a bright primary color that matches your color scheme. 

You're not going to want much kitchenware on display in a modern/minimalist kitchen, so think hard about what you really need when designing your interior. Unless it's something you use every day, chances are you're going to want to keep the majority of your utensils, pots, pans, and more hidden in cupboards or on sleekly designed shelves.


If you love the warmth of a country kitchen and the effortless sophistication of a minimalist look, you can combine the two to create a stylish kitchen that's also full of warmth.

When aiming for this kitchen style, keep clutter and knickknacks to a minimum and choose countertop items in matching materials and/or colors. Mixing old and new also looks great in a combination kitchen: consider matching an old-fashioned tea kettle with a modern statement refrigerator or a high-tech stove with cute and kitsch tea towels hanging off it.

Just remember your color wheel and pick at least one aspect that ties everything together.

6. Don't get bogged down by the details

At the end of the day, your kitchen is just that… Yours.

You could spend countless hours toiling over whether your colors match and getting your aesthetics just right, but when all is said and done, it's far more important that your kitchen makes you smile and is filled with all the things you need.

And if you do have some incredibly ugly kitchenware that you just can't bear to part with… Remember, you can always hide it in the cupboard!

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