The Timber Delight

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The Timber Delight

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Wistanton Cottage 클래식스타일 주택 by Simon Gill Architects 클래식
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What lies behind this gorgeous Gothic revival house in Roehampton? Today we are taking a trip to south-west London, to check out a striking, stunning, and impressive rear extension. Here at homify HQ, we see an abundance of new domestic additions, from the outrageous and luxurious, to the simple and quaint. Each renovation has sophisticated individualities that contribute to the overall success of the dwelling, providing style and practical modernisations. Wistanton Cottage has been lovingly and stylishly extended by Simon Gill Architects to provide a new kitchen, dining/living space, upstairs bedroom with ensuite, and bathroom.

To check out this surprising timber extension, and to have a peek inside this striking home, take a look at the images below, and get some inspiration for your next renovation or refurbishment. 

What is hiding behind this terrace façade?

This two-storey Gothic revival home holds a secret behind its traditional facade. Located in Roehampton, London, the home has undergone a rear transformation that has added additional space in the form of a kitchen, dining space, living area, and upstairs bedroom. From a streetside vantage, the house features a brown/orange brick, with detailed inlaid decorations, and is very in-keeping with the surrounding architectural vernacular. Let's take a peek behind this home, and see what lies beyond its heritage exterior…

Getting a little closer…

As we move around to the rear of the property we see the new timber extension peeking out from behind the driveway and garage. In the distance sits a cathedral, and we are also able to see the second neighbouring property with its original brick lean-to. The new timber extension looks dramatic, and yet fits in well with the surrounding architecture. 

The surprising timber extension

Wow! The new timber rear extension is impressive and stylish. This fresh structure is built as a lightweight addition, reusing the existing plinth on which the previous conservatory stood. Furthemrore, the Design and Conservation Officer that the architect liaised with insisted that the timber was clad horizontally, ensuring the curved splay was steam-bent using traditional boat building techniques. The timber is a stand out feature of this new extension, and is a white oiled Siberian larch. The new structure provides a bedroom to the upstairs floor, as well as an ensuite and a family bathroom. Downstairs the timber-clad extension adds a living area, informal dining space, and new kitchen. 

Taking a peek inside

Moving into the interior, and the ambience is modern and liveable. The timber cladding is continued inside, and evokes an alpine lodge aesthetic. The wood flooring is rustic yet in-keeping, and the furniture adds a sleek liveability. With room for a living space at the back of the extension, instead the occupants have decided to keep this area empty, and have alternatively opted for a large dining space. Although it is tricky to see in this image, the kitchen island that juts out into the space has an area for an informal breakfast bar and some stools. A white colour scheme has been implemented, and ensures the room feels open and spacious. Statement light fittings add to the contemporary chic attitude of the space, and imparts style and taste. 

The upstairs bedroom

Upstairs, the new bedroom features exposed timber ceiling beams, a cute window opening, and the rustic timber floorboard that was seen downstairs. The room is perfectly spacious, and easily fits a queen size bed with plenty of room for side tables, and other decorative items. The same statement lights have been used, and these create continuity throughout the interior spaces. 

Bespoke joinery

Taking a peek at the room from another angle and we are able to see the bespoke joinery that adds a sense of cleanliness and organisation wihtin the new space. With clever use of windows, the area remains bright and light. What we are unable to see from this vantage is the entrance to the ensuite bathroom, which is wonderfully added to the bedrooms space to ensure the master suite is luxurious, and includes everything that one could possibly require. 

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