​The Comfortable And Care-Free House

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​The Comfortable And Care-Free House

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
株式会社横山浩介建築設計事務所의  주택, 모던
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Picture the following: you’re a successful architect who always expertly takes into account your client’s wishes. Your latest client, who has an available plot of about 33 square metres, has just tasked you with creating a modern residence, one-storey, where they can live “care-free”. What do you do?

A modern, calm appearance

In this case, our relevant architect opted for a monotone structure of crisp whites and dark browns/greys for a very neutral and tranquil facade. Sloping roofs add an element of style and character into this modern house, with an abundance of protrusions and closed-off corners making for a very characteristic house. 

Shall we see what the interiors look like?

The intricate interiors

What a character the interiors turned out to be! A mix and match of surfaces, patterns and textures make up a very striking space, yet it is clean whites and dusty-toned wood that come out as the two main stars of the show. 

Just see how wonderfully creative our architect went with the layout, creating charming corners and nooks that make up ample spaces for movement and storage.

And we are most pleased to see a welcome flow of sunshine streaming in through one of the many glass windows/doors added to the facade.

A spot for relaxing

You know an architect is truly gifted when, even though they’ve been given a rather limited legroom of space, they still manage to squeeze in a pleasant little terrace, with furniture, ideal for some outdoor relaxation. We love how the stainless steel gleams strikingly when paired with the neutral surfaces of the house.

Some charming patterns

We just couldn’t resist another look at the delicate combination of patterns that is flaunted on the insides. Lines and checkers each take up their own space, neatly separating rooms in this open-plan layout. 

But the colours deserve special note as well: natural greens and rustic reds contrast most effectively with the light neutrals, lending a very tranquil vibe to these interior layouts – one almost doesn’t need to add any décor, for the colours and patterns take care of some very effective style and charm.

More light from upstairs

And if you were wondering where those charming steps were leading to, the answer is a quaint little balcony outside on the top floor, joined by some generous windows that help spread the flow of natural light in the interior spaces.

The bright bathroom

Is it just us, or does this bathroom exude a most clean and tranquil ambience? The crisp white tile surfaces seem to gleam and glow because of their cleanliness (and added natural lighting). 

No embellishments or decorative items have been added, yet we feel that their absence only helps along the peaceful spa-like vibe of this space.

Warm enchantment

The space truly comes to life as soon as darkness falls – interior lighting fixtures are switched on, and what was a charming interior layout by day becomes a warm enchantment of pleasant spaces by night. 

Just see how gorgeously the light reflects against the polished wooden floor and window panes.

Whites and woods

Shifting our perspective of the living area ever so slightly (cancelling out the additional colours and patterns which we raved about earlier) shows us how astonishingly clean and peaceful the interiors are. Creams and light timbers offer up surfaces which can make anybody’s stress levels fall (remember that the client requested “care-free” living?), and since neutral palettes reign supreme here, it means any additional colours for the décor or furniture will fit in most pleasantly. 

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