Before and after: a drab home shows its true colours

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Before and after: a drab home shows its true colours

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by 株式会社しあわせな家
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In the beautiful Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa, we will today witness the delightful transformation of a home named 'I fall in love'. The apartment was originally lying bare and neglected, but had oodles of scope for improvement. So the restoration and renovation experts at Happy Home Co. Ltd. saw this property as a chance to put their imagination and skill to the best possible use.

Inspired by the lively spirit of Kanagawa and its surrounding areas, as well as the architectural flair of Japan, this residence is currently a mix of both contemporary and traditional charm. The use of simple but chic furnishings, interesting textures and soothing colours will make you fall in love with this abode instantly! Come and take a closer look…

Before: bare, but with potential

This home had lots of scope in terms of space and layout before the makeover. The large glass windows and door led out to an airy and well-lit balcony. The simple look also gave the professionals the flexibility to play around with a variety of designs and décor schemes.

After: cosy dining area

Thanks to the copious room available in the simple layout of this home, the designers have managed to create a cosy nook with lots of wood and pastel walls. The dining table is a sturdy affair with cushioned seats on either side, while shelves make a sleek, yet cottage-like statement at the far end. The kitchen sits comfortably behind the dining area, and allows interaction between the chef and the others. Glowing recessed lighting adds to the charm of the area.

After: beautiful wooden touches

The main hall of the original layout had enough space for a casual living area beside the dining zone, which was utilised wonderfully. It houses a warm and inviting play of soft neutrals and wooden tones, which is further enhanced by the use of glass for the bedroom door and windows. The comfy bean bag and the potted indoor plant add to the tranquillity and relaxed aura of the spot. And a tall mirror augments the spaciousness of the hall.

After: a home for books

The home shows off the owner’s love for reading with this expansive bookshelf. All the books have been given a fitting home thanks to the large banks of simple wooden shelves which match the hardwood flooring and makes for a solid feel. Beyond the shelf lies a practical area reserved for shoes and bikes.

After: cheerful and busy kitchen

The kitchen exudes ample old-world charm despite sporting a simple industrial look. Creamy shades of white have been paired with blue, grey and wooden tones for a final result which makes you happy. All the appliances have been allotted sensible spots, while open racks over the countertop add to the functionality of the kitchen.

After: a simple and snug bedroom

Shades of pistachio green unite with white and rich wooden hues to produce a soothing and positive atmosphere in the minimalistic bedroom. The use of glass on the door and partition wall allows the quirky integration of the sleeping area with the living space we saw before. Strong yet soft lights make for a restful ambiance where you can unwind in peace.

After: chic bathroom with a dash of colour

Organic touches rule this uncomplicated bathroom, and lend a nature-friendly vibe quite effectively. Wood has been used to frame the large mirror, for the in-built niches and the cabinet under the slim sink. Storage needs have been catered for efficiently with shelves, rods and hangers, while a quaint potted bush takes care of the aesthetics. 

This enticing Japanese home celebrates the beauty of simplicity through elements which inspire and nurture the body, mind and soul. Calming hues, welcoming textures and practical designs have come together for an experience which you will not forget in a hurry!

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