10 basics for a minimal-style apartment

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10 basics for a minimal-style apartment

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Whether you're a fan of minimalism or not, there exists a fabulous array of core stylistic details that a minimalist home can provide. So what is minimalism, and why would I want it as my dwelling’s interior theme? 

Essentially a pared-back aesthetic that offers an ambience of cleanliness, unfussiness, and simplicity, minimalism is an austere movement that separates itself from the chaotic egotism of the world. Minimalism is perfect within an abode, as it offers a sense of calmness and refinement, ensuring your dwelling is stylishly sleek.

If you decide that a minimalist interior might be for you, take a look over the following examples below, and begin your home refresh with some helpful hints from homify. Enjoy!

1. Quality over quantity

The timeless tenet of quality over quantity is especially appropriate when looking at minimalist interiors. When decorating, look at what is important, and what can be removed without affecting the overall scheme and theme. 

2. Pick a neutral colour scheme

When choosing a colour scheme for your minimalist dwelling, look at employing neutral hues and muted tones to evoke a simplistic ambience and atmosphere. This kitchen wonderfully works a white colour palette, while contrasting it with silver appliances. 

3. Less is more

A crucial mantra in minimalism is that less is definitely more. When decorating, ensure you keep the space clutter free and well-organised. If you are finding it a little tricky to get things started, consider chatting to a professional interior designer or decorator who can ensure you are heading in the right stylistic direction. 

4. Employ texture and tone

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Just because your space is minimal, doesn't mean it has to be bland! Work with different textures and tones to create a space that oozes appeal and elegance. In this example exposed brick wall plays an important part in keeping the room feeling interesting and full of personality. 

5. Incorporate art

Artworks have a major part to play within one's dwelling, and can hugely contribute to your minimalist interior feeling welcoming and warm. Look for contemporary pieces, or go with some heritage works for an eclectic ensemble. 

6. Be spatially aware

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One of the main things to remember when decorating a minimalist home is that you need to be spatially aware. Everything in a minimalist area should be spaced with room to move, ensuring each piece of furniture is given enough distance between itself and the next object. 

7. Work with colour

Previously, we spoke about how a neutral colour scheme works brilliantly for a minimalist interior, but bright hints of colour can also be the icing on the cake. Look at employing areas of colour, and take some cues from this gorgeously vivid and vivacious example above.

8. Make sure the interior suits your style

A crucial element to consider when designing a minimal home (or any home for that matter), is that the design actually suits your style, taste and preference. There is no point investing all of that time and energy into a space that doesn't feel welcoming, or desirable. Look at incorporating a few personal touches to ensure the room is still inviting and intimate.

9. Create contrast

Contrast plays a huge role in the success of a minimal room. Instead of a monochromatic scheme, impart touches of another tone or shade to bring intrigue and contrast to your space. 

10. Remove clutter

Finally, and undeniably most importantly, it is imperitive that you remove clutter from your dwelling. Minimalist homes are clean and simple, and clutter should be avoided at all costs!

Did this Ideabook give you a few tips and decorative tricks to create a minimalist interior? If you'd like to see more, take a peek at: 7 classic décor themes for your home

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