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A small and humble home built by a couple

Luke Riley Luke Riley
클래식스타일 주택 by YUSO 클래식
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Awaken your bohemian side by exploring this fantastic project that comes to us from Venezuela. 

The owners of this new home have curated an assortment of fun and eclectic decorative accents that express their sense of new found freedom. They've introduce bright colours, vibrant patterns and whimsical shapes into their abode in fun and exciting ways. 

The free-spirited nature of the living room is particularly inspiring, and perhaps you'll feel a desire to achieve something similar in your own home. 

Scroll down and see what happens…

A closed-off entrance

클래식스타일 주택 by YUSO 클래식

Our introduction to the home is an interesting one. With its closed-off front entrance that gives very little away, we aren't sure what to expect from this new domain. 

The building appears shielded from the outside world since there are no real openings to speak of. Despite the building being very closed-off, there is no hostility to the design. 

The materials used for the façade are earthy ,with mostly natural materials being utilised in the design. We love how the porch space has been filled with different tropical style pot plants, which bring further natural appeal to the entrance. 

Communicating with nature

클래식스타일 주택 by YUSO 클래식

When we view the home from the rear, we can see how the architects have completely changed the dynamic of the building. The design has brought a breath of rustic freshness that's clearly visible in the friendly exterior that is all opened up. 

The inner living areas are in constant communication with the outside world thanks to the series of doors and windows that are always left open. A staggered stone pathway finds its way through the green grass and connects dwellers from their house to the far reaches of their garden

All in the details

YUSO의 클래식 , 클래식

Before we enter the home, we've been provided with an insight into the ideas behind the design. 

The architects have implemented a smart layout that was designed to create a natural ventilation and good airflow, which benefits dwellers wherever they are inside. The building and its many rooms are always at the desired temperature, meaning the household has a limited reliance upon air conditioners.  

The casual spaces located at the rear of the building are designed to have an ambience that is light and breezy. Marked in yellow, the bedrooms and central bathroom are protected, to be used in more private times.  

Inspired by nature

클래식스타일 거실 by YUSO 클래식

The owners have taken their lounge to new heights with a bright and lively décor that's filled with bohemian accents. Featuring a wonderful array of fabrics and natural materials, the lounge has become a room that's just as cosy as it is chic. 

Displaying books, picture frames and other personal treasures in a not-so-organised fashion is the bookshelf, which encloses the lounge area in an intimate fashion. Made from rustic-finished reclaimed wood, it's lovable not only for its simplicity, but also for the way it adds valuable storage capacity to the room. 

Softening hard elements

컨트리스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by YUSO 컨트리

Exposed metal framing, bricks and concrete flooring could have been the dominant materials within but these hard materials have been purposely softened by the nature-inspired furniture and accessories.

There was little need to cover the bricks that run along the corridor, separating the private rooms, since their earthy tones bring a rustic appeal to the setting. 

Decorative and functional

클래식스타일 거실 by YUSO 클래식

As a very fitting inclusion, a colourful hammock brings casual relaxation to the lounge. The hammock, which is hand woven, is made for two so is perfect for snuggling with a loved one on a warm afternoon. 

We fell head over heels for the vintage armchairs for all kinds of reasons. We love how their weave backs look a bit tatty and worn, bringing with them a sense of history. It's never a bad idea to fall back on some tried and true armchairs.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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