5 apartments to copy if you have less than 70m2

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5 apartments to copy if you have less than 70m2

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모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by degoma 모던
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Living in Hong Kong often means sacrificing domestic space. Square metres come at a premium, and for most of us, we reside in rather compact apartments. However, just because your home is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be highly functional, efficient, practical and stylish.

Today on homify we are taking a peek inside a few impressive dwellings that feature a floor plan less than 70 square metres. These interiors are balanced, comfortable, clean and sophisticated. They are stylish, and feature unique designs that are sure to impress and inspire. If you live in a compact abode, and are considering a makeover or refresh for your home, read on below and update your dwelling with confidence!

1. Crisp and spacious

Our first apartment is surprisingly spacious given its compact floor plan. Boasting two rooms and a clean, crisp colour scheme, the space is definitely one you are going to want to take some cues from. One of the best elements of this design is the way the designers have utilised a sliding door as an alternative to the traditional hinged door. This creates an increased sense of room within the home, and works wonderfully to evoke a contemporary aesthetic. 

Incorporated joinery and cabinetry in the kitchen and the living area ensures the home is practical, with a feeling of utility and liveability. In particular, the simple kitchen island-esque piece works brilliantly as a place for friends to gather while you cook, but doesn't section the room off, or make it feel cloistered. Finally, bursts of citrus seen in the furniture complete the space, and give a feeling of energy and life. 

2. Working with neutral hues

The next space we are taking a look at is ultra compact, and yet still feels welcoming and light-filled. Neutral tones have been employed in this design, adding a sense of roominess that is often resereved for far larger dwellings. 

Sheer white curtains have been added, and this helps let copious amounts of light in through the window and glazed door. Paired with the white colour scheme, this reflectively bright and lively apartment is definitely a breath of fresh air!

3. Open-plan luxury

모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by degoma 모던

As well as ensuring the interior of your dwelling is light filled and minimally furnished, you also need to consider your layout and floor plan. The floor plan of a home determines how the overall dwelling feels, as well as the ease of movement throughout. 

If possible, look at removing interior walls that separate individual spaces, and create one large open plan area. This has worked particularly well in the example above, which brilliantly combines a living and dining space to ensure cohesion and motion. 

In addition, consider removing any clutter that might be detrimentally affecting your overall ambience and atmosphere. Audit your belongings, tossing all unnecessary household miscellany. 

If you are thinking about altering the interior walls to your abode, remember to chat to a professional builder or architect before embarking on any structural changes to your home. 

4. Mirrored walls

At number 4 we check out a truly opulent and luxurious apartment. Boasting mirrored walls, this design oozes sophistication and class. If you are working with a compact home, considered sliding partition walls in a reflective finish, to create a feeling of space and openness within. 

5. Raising the bed

Finally, it is crucial you take time to look at the layout of your bedroom, to ensure you are making the most out of every centimetre of space. These days there are plenty of alternatives to storage in the bedroom, but we particularly love this design above, which raises the bed onto a stage-like platform, adding a huge amount of space below for boxes and other storage containers. 

In addition to this split-level design, you might want to consider beds with gas lift mattresses, or loft-style beds that give you extra freedom within your compact home.

Did these interior spaces get your redecorating juices flowing? If you'd like to see more, check out: 9 simple ways to make your home more Zen

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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